Fall weekend #2

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by : Ella
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My ideal fall weekend is for the weather to be chilly, but not too cold out, so you could still be outside. When it begins to get closer and closer to Halloween, I will soon go and get pumpkins and decorations. I love going to Gull Meadow Farms for fun in the fall season. Some things that I do there are, eating donuts, drinking apple cider, picking apples, looking at pumpkins, and doing all the fun activities that are offered there! In the fall time, I love watching football and going to football games.
Next, I love to hang out with my good friends, and going to corn mazes. Or just hanging out at home and lighting a fall scented candle. I like to play the guitar, and write music, so that is a event I love doing because it is getting cold outside. I love to bake cookies, and baking things in general. I also love to make applesauce, jam and jellies.

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