graham crackers and falling

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the smell of graham crackers brings back a lot of good memories like going up to my cottage and sitting around the fire. But the most memorable moment with graham crackers when i went to our cottage for a girls weekend with my two aunts , grandma, and mom. We had just gotten home from traverse city, and we all plopped down on the dock and put our feet in the river.we sat there for an hour tops , but i went inside. the mosquitoes were getting me, so i sat down in our puffy chair and read the new book i had just gotten, Carry on by Rainbow Rowell. i got to page 59 before my aunt Jessica came inside with my grandma and they got ready for bed. so i said good night to them and kept reading. then i heard a scream outside from my mom. i ran over to the screen door and asked what was wrong, and my mom said the meteor shower was starting. i threw on some pants instead of shorts , my school sweatshirt and some converse. i grabbed one of our red chair and sat down with my mom and aunt by the fire. we sat there for a few hours watching the stars shoot by, screaming super loud every time we would see one, and i was about to take a bite on my smore when i saw one, and screamed, then fell back with my chair and hit my head on the drain plug. Ouch. with a mouthful of graham crackers, and chocolaty creamy goodness.


  • Very good story , and great adjectives :)

  • I like falling too, I also like your story.

  • this is the best story I have ever read it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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