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     I want to accomplish a lot of things this year but the 7 most things that i want to do is try to work on saving up a lot of money.I need to be more specific,I want to try to save up or earn $150 or more than that.I know that the other kid’s/adults want computers and phones but i will rather get a lot of  books.Another thing is that i would want to get some work done with cursive handwriting.One  thing that i want to accomplish is that i want to learn  how to do flips on a skateboard because i know how to ride one. I would also like to read more than 10 books a week.I would like to read 15 books a week.I want to try to write a real book that is 100 pages long not 10.I want to also play a sport,most girls play either volleyball or soccer but i would like to  play the sport baseball and/or football.

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  • Those seem like excellent goals! Are there certain books that you are excited to get and read? I’m excited to see what you do with the writing goal. I hope that you will enter something in the Library Writers Contest this spring.

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