If my cat could talk

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If my pet could talk I think she will say, “Hey can I go outside please after eating my meat & cat food” ┬ábut i can’t let her go outside because she might get lost only if i’m a grown up.Then I think she said “Play with me please!!” ┬ábut I was outside playing with my friend named William and my brother Makysm.Then it was the night my cat said “Meow meow meow!! Can we play please it’s the morning right?” she said but it was the night.The next day my cat woke me up for food!!!She wanted to go outside!!

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  • I like the way your cat is so kind and has manners. Cats just might say please if they could talk. I have a cat and she meows for milk every morning. She also wakes me up by tapping her paw on my cheek. She is very funny. What does your cat look like?

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