My Water Usage!

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      My family uses a lot of water throughout our day. Here is a list of when my family uses water during the day:

  • Flushing the toilet when we go to the restroom
  • Brushing our teeth
  • Washing our faces
  • Taking Showers
  • My dad making coffee
  • Getting water from our sink or the fridge
  • Making ice with water
  • Making food that requires water
  • Adding water in slime

     The most time I waste water during the day is when I am taking showers. I waste a lot of water taking showers because I am the type of person that likes to take about 30 minute showers because I spend more time washing my body. I also waste water during showers because I leave the water running until its hot enough for me to get in.

We can all do something to try to conserve water during our day. Here are some ways we can conserve water, While we are brushing our teeth we can turn off the faucet, While we are taking showers we can turn of the faucet while we are washing our bodies, and cutting our time in the shower short.

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  • My family water usage is similar to yours, I also take long showers.I like you idea of saving water in the shower. I could also take shorter showers.

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