THERE are some times when you are not yourself when you don’t know what to do when you don’t fill save ,when you don’t want to be were you are but if you are five thousand miles away from were you want t be you don’t fill well as you really want to be cause we all know what is your mind can’t thoughtfully come true all love some one and we all know we can’t be with them or they don’t want to be with us. I write to fill the wind in my soul, I write to make the particular event in my mind I write to make mine self and hear the little unpleasant voice in my head to attention of the most beautiful music  to request my sadness to make thing be forgiven and not be forgotten and what may  be perceive and nonverbal to be able to perceive the aroma of the food to able to fill the dirty sand on the floor and to make fun of your family cloth to be able to huge some you love as much anything  to be able to so a dress with a friend and watch and tell them that you care so much and to tell your family that you love them and to stair at them for hours and see they make fun of each other.

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Post Privacy Published on October 20 | Personal
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