How do your parents affect your identity?

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        When you first think about it you might think that your parents have nothing to do with your identity, and that you are your own person. Then stop and think because your parents had a great deal to do with shapeing your identity. They are the ones who taught you right from wrong, and you share most of their beliefs. You grow up thinking that how your parents do things is just the normal way things are done, and in not that much time you’ll find yourself copying them, and do a lot of the things that they do.

        The first way your parents help shape your identity is when the teach you right from wrong. Say one of your parents went to jail, and had a twisted sense of right and wrong. There is still a chance you’ll turn out just fine with a normal sense of right from wrong, but there is also a lot larger chance since your parent beleifs something you might to.

        Another way your parents affect your identitiy is the beliefs they have. For example say your parents are catholic, and you are born in to a catholic houdehold chances are that they will pass their beliefs on to you. It dosen’t have to be religion though. Mabey your parents always believed a certain story or something else was true. You end up growing up in a house were that story is thought to be true, so even if it’s not growing up around the belief can make you think it is true, or even when your older, and you know it’s not true you still have doubts in the back of your mind.

       So even if you think that your parents don’t affect you that much they really do. Even in the smallest mays you don’t notice sometimes your parnts affect you. Wether it’s you taking the same beliefs, or you find yourself doing things they always did. So yes even if you don’t think so your parents affect you.


  • Good job. You went into great detail.

  • I like it, but I think it could of been a little more heartwarming

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