How significant are our parents in shaping our identity?

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Are our parents really making an impact on us? Will what my parents are teaching me help me in the future? Why do parents give us so many rules? It is true that our parents will make an impact on our lives. Think about it, did something your parents ever said stay on your mind? Most likely the answer is yes. The way your parents raise you makes a huge impact on you are your future life.

Think more internally if you don’t believe me. DNA is a mix of your parents traits, and their DNA comes from their parents and so on. Your DNA is a mix of your parents traits only. DNA is what makes up you. If you aren’t like your parents, how do you have their DNA. DNA gives you your whole body too. On the outside you may look like your parents, or you may not. No matter what you are always a product of your mom and dad on a science point of view.

Now, lets talk from an emotional point of view. You being like your parents emotionally could go either way. You could think and act like one, or both, of your parents. You could also have your own ways of acting and thinking. It is most likely that if your parents always tried hard to get good grades, and they got good grades too, you will probably get good grades also.

Religion plays a huge factor in how you act, feel, view life and view the afterlife. There are so religions and religion effects your future life. The way your parents raise you does play a huge part in your life.

A stable parental role in your life plays a huge part in your adult life . It plays a role in how hard you work, what your work on , how responsible you are and how you are emotionally. You are definitely a mini-version of your parents. You look and or act like when you get older. You are a product of your parents.



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