I don’t know what happened?

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I was sorting it when i heard someone calling me in the kitchen.I went into the kitchen and there was no one there.When i went back to sorting my candy…it was gone.I went to find my mom and i could not find her.I was starting to cry when i heard my name behind me and then i turned around and all i felt was a breeze of wind.I could hear the breeze calling my name.I followed it for a while and then i looked around and i saw that i didn’t know where i was.It was super dark out and i could not see where i was.When a street light was coming on and then i found out that i was on a beach.It took me a long time to get home but eventually i was home.Then i heard a sound in side my house and then when i went inside and my parents were looking for me,My mom was worried sick.I told her what happened and she said that it was just a prank that my  brother made up.And then i said that the prank was a very good.My brother said that i was so scared when i stole your candy.Then i said that   there was a moaning sound  to.When my mom said that I should be getting to bed so i did.But there was something still roaming around the town…

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  • ohh spoky good job adira keep up the good work you amazing bestie

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