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by : Wryn
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        One moment that I am thankful that I did with a friend is when me and Mackenzie were in art together.  I am grateful for her being there because it was stressful.  The teacher was hard to keep up with and the people at my table (except ‘kenzie) were annoying and unbearable.  But because she was there, it was managable.  She always smiled and wasn’t negative.  Even though she had her off days, she still kept going.  ‘Kenzie even pretended to like my art! Lets just say I’m not as good at art.  When I was frustrated because my art wasn’t good, she would find something good about it.  We have every class together so… It isn’t just in art class.  All the classes and people I can’t tolerate, she helps me. 

        Another time is when my grades were going down.  When my grades fell, they fell far.  I couldn’t play sports, I was grounded, I was just falling deeper and deeper.  But Mackenzie managed to be positive.  After a couple months of failing then getting picked back up… I wasn’t failing anymore.  She had kept with me and stayed by my side even when I pushed her away. It felt so amazing to have a friend there that wouldn’t leave.  And I was there for her too.  Even when I was failing and acting like an idiot, she stayed and helped.  She is like a sister to me.  Those are the moments when I fully appreciate my best friend Mackenzie Addair. 

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