Reasons why you SHOULD get a ZOMBIE as a PET!

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Here are some reasons about how a Zombie would be a good pet to have.

  1. It would eat your enemy (Why? I don’t know You would probably do this if you were a villain).
  2. If you did not have a friend a Zombie could be your best friend. Only do this if the Zombie was a nice Zombie (ps. if i’ts not nice well thats BAD!)
  3. You don’t have to feed him or her and they’re not that messy.
  4. If a burglar tries to come in your house the Zombie will probably scare the person or if they are not scared of the Zombie the Zombie might try to eat their BRAIN or even them.( lets hope him or her are super afraid of Zombies)
  5.  You don’t have to clean the floor because of them because you are probably not doing to bring him or her outside (that’s cause he or she mite eat someones BRAIN and that’s not good.)
  6. If you are struggling because of the Zombie you can keep it in a cage (so it will not get out.)
  7. If you get bullied at school and its “Show an tell” and you brought your Zombie the Zombie might attack them  (I don’t think you should bring one to school its BAD.)

  That’s my reasons why you should have a Zombie as a pet.

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