Seven reasons why a zombie would make a great pet

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by : AILA
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Here are seven reasons why a Zombie would make a great pet:

1. If you get a pet zombie you can train it to attack things such as criminals and bad people you want gone.

2. If you have a friends(who usually come over)or a family members who are allergic to, scales, fur, or feathers, you can easily get a zombie who is your species but a bit different.

3. If you have people in school (or just out there) who are rude to you, your zombie violet can scare the pants right off of them.

4. You don’t have to:take them on walks, give them food and they don’t eat it.

5. You can be a superhero and save your town from harm,WITH your sidekick zombie violet. Zombie violet can distract your enemy by: scaring them, gnawing on them, or keeping them still,then you can ether call 911 or lock them up in a chamber.

6. If you,a friend or a family member are scientists,you can donate your zombie(violet) for them to do science experiments such as reincarnation, the human body(when dead),etc. 

7. If you have ever watched transylvania 1 or 2, you would know that you can easily train or just order your violet(my zombie)to do things for you, such as: vacuuming,washing the dishes, washing the clothes, dusting, sweep the floor, clean my rats cage, and all your chores so more relaxation time.

There are my sevs reasons why a zombie would make a great pet. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Here are some words from my zombie violet: Afrgajd grewta sjj fbjvjha fkgf.

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