The Leaves on a Tree

I’m not sure why this season is both autumn and fall. I think it’s called fall because that’s what the leaves do. They fall off the trees and float around until they gently land on the ground. I think people call this season autumn, because to me, autumn sounds like auburn and auburn is like a reddish brown. There are also yellow and orange leaves, but autumn also sounds sort of like a light pastel colour. Autumn kind of sounds like a warm day with cool breeze. Why don’t summer, winter and spring have two names? I always call the season fall, but I think autumn sounds nicer. If someone says fall, I think of a vibrant orange leaf falling off a tree with a yellow, orange and red background (as well as some trees). When someone says autumn, I think of looking up into the trees and seeing a bright tree full of pastel-coloured leaves. Sometimes I also think of the blurred reflection of the trees on the water.

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Post Privacy Published on November 28 | Seasonal
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