What can you do to become a more successful student? Weekly WA #6

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by : Lucy
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Being a successful student can be hard. As students, we are always pressured to do well and get excellent grades. A lot of students who don’t do well in school wish they could improve. However, it can be hard to turn into a successful student if you are already not doing so well. So what are some ways you can improve? There are tons of ways a student can become successful. Paying attention, caring about what you are doing, and learning good time management are all three very important traits to a successful student. So, if you want to become a successful student, these are three things you should be practicing on a daily basis.

First of all, paying attention during class is such an important thing to do. If you pay attention, you are likely to start understanding what you are learning! For example, sometimes kids zone out in class because it can be hard to focus when all the teacher has been talking about is geometry for the last hour. Instead, you are thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner. However, you realize when you go home and start working on the homework, you don’t even have the slightest clue what you are doing. You should have payed attention! If you did, you would have easily been able to do your homework, and get a good grade on it! Being attentive in class is very important to becoming successful.

Secondly, caring about what you are learning can be hard, but is a really great trait to posses. A lot of the time we don’t care about the things we are learning, so as a result, we slack off and become lazy with our work. A situation that shows this could go something like this. You are in Spanish class and you are learning about pronouns. Honestly, you could care less about Spanish pronouns, so you start writing what you think could be right on your worksheet, but really you could have cared less if you got the answers right or not. Then, the test comes. You couldn’t be more unprepared, and it shows when you get a C. Instead, learn to care about what you are doing. Put all you effort into your work because you care, and you will see results when you start getting A’s!

Lastly, one of the most important traits to a successful student is that they have good time management. If you schedule your time wisely, there is no reason for you not to get your work done. Set off a specific time of the day after school where you either do homework or studying. This could be anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour depending on how long you believe it may take. Make sure you right this time period down somewhere, and stick to it. When that time comes, stick to your plan and do your homework. Don’t have distractions around like a phone or TV. This will help you get your work done more efficiently. Now, you won’t be coming home from practice at 9:00 at night and realizing you didn’t do your homework! Since you have good time management, you did your homework three hours ago!

There are things we can change as students that can lead to more success in our education. This includes paying attention, caring about what you are doing, and learning good time management. If we practice these things, they will lead to good grades and improved learning skills.


  • Great writing! You went into great detail, and carefully explained each thing.

  • Great job! You went into great detail and was it very thorough; you clearly spent time on this.

  • Amazing! I love the tone that you used to make this writing interesting. Great Job!

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