What is your favorite thing about November? – Lily Czuk

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        November is a month where not much happens, but personally, I have many favorable and memorable events that I enjoy about this month. Though it is less exciting than other months, the weather and the wonderful holiday Thanksgiving are some of my favorite parts of November. 

        The weather in November is one of my favorite parts of this month. For example, the air is still chill and crisp, the leaves have just fallen, and everywhere around you is vibrant with colors of fall. Its the time of year where everyone is counting down the days till Christmas, but its still cool outside and just barely sprinkling snowflakes. Its that little part of fall you get before it gets really cold outside that I enjoy. Yes, it does snow in November, but it’s just like sprinkles coming down from the sky; not to much, and not to little. It’s the perfect decoration for the autumn leaves on the ground. 

        Another one of my favorite parts about November is the well-known holiday my family celebrates; Thanksgiving. You may think this is a holiday where you eat a bunch of food, and yes that is true, but you show what your thankful for on this holiday as well. Spending quality time with your family and being thankful are some things that you might do on this holiday. 

        November may be a month that you don’t mind, but the weather and holiday Thanksgiving are some of my favorite parts. Although this isn’t my absolute favorite month, these are some enjoyable things about it. 

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  • I loved this writing Lily! I found it very relatable. Great job.

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