Widerecievers, A Quarterbacks Best Friend

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The widerecievers position is very different than many other players positions because this where you get big yards on big plays because if the run game is stopped then they can throw a short screen or a long pass. The widereciever that takes the first place postion is Jerry Rice, he came out of the college of Mississippim Valley State Univeristy. The 49ers picked him up in the NFL draft and turned him into a legend that players look up to today. He had a great relationship with another legend quarterback, Joe Montana. The reciever that takes spot number two is Randy Moss. Randy Moss came out of the college of Marshall University, The New England Patriots selected him and made him history with a soon to be Hall of Famer, Tom Brady. The wideout that takes the number three spot is Terrell Owens, he came out of the college of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He was first drafted by the San Fransico 49ers, but then got traded around the league until 2012. That was when he was inducted in the Hall of Fame. The widereciever that takes the number four spot is very special, he had a conection with Peyton Manning, his name is Wes Welker. He came out of Texas Tech University, he got drafted by the Denver Broncos and they turned him into a legend. The fifth and final widereciever is a legend to Detroit Lion Nation, he is known as Megatron. He is Calvin Johnson, he came out of Georgia Institute of Technology. He got drafted by the Detroit Lions and they turned him into a Beast!

        These five widerievers show greatnes not only in them but in others, they show character on and off the field towards teamates and family members. That is why these were the ones to be chosen as top five widerievers of all time!


  • hmm Wes Walker…solid but would he have been anything without Peyton?

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