Zombies for dummys

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Welcome here you now have a zombie a biting┬ábeautiful beast. Now fist of dislocate the jaw to now get bit and it would be a good a idea to chain him/her up so you know he/she doesn’t eat you.Now zombies are really hard to contain them. But you can mess with it like get a a stick with string and attach some meat on the string and use the zombie like a escomo dog and ride into the sunlight. Or you can put him in fights againist other zombies or in biology class you examine its eroded antomy if you want.Well it seems you zombie escaped and its now eating people and infecting them well use the emergency axe in the zombie kit next to the meat stick yeah that one. Now that you in CQC with the zombie you should swing the axe twords the head but if you get bit whatever that was bit needs to be amputated … sorry about that. well if you kill or capture the zombie you can send him back to the office and get a new one. (any dismemberment or death caused by the zombie is not in any way zombie for dummys fault and its in the terms in sevices) thank you for buying from zombie tech.

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Post Privacy Published on January 24 | Adventure & Fantasy
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