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This is Beauty. She was rescued from a slaughterhouse. When you think of slaughterhouse, you don’t think of horses right away, do you? But thousands of horses are killed in slaughterhouses across the world every day.

Beauty’s story begins on a stud farm. A stud farm is a place where horses are selectively bred.

Her mother was a horse the owner’s personal horse, but not as a member of the family. Only as an abused and starved method of transportation.

Anyway, the owner decided to breed a stallion to her and Beauty was born. But that wasn’t her name back then. Probably ‘it’ or ‘junk’ or a swear.

Beauty was sold to a kind family who meant well but they were too busy with their own lives. Her owners felt sorry and sold her to another person, who sold her to yet another person, and so on until Beauty ended up at a slaughterhouse. That’s when our friends of the family stepped in, because they were friends with the people who sold her the slaughterhouse in the first place.

They gave Beauty to us, but they couldn’t be bothered with fixing her up, because they had to rescue other animals in need. (I know for a fact they were busy… HAVING FUN AT A RESORT! Also, don’t ask how I know because that’s a whole other story)

We took her to a local vet, where she was diagnosed with 5 problems and the vet said ‘and probably counting’. She had to stay at the veterinary ranch for 4 months. My family and I visiting her whole time, of course.

Beauty finally came home (not actually to our house, she lives at the stables we take our riding lessons at). She learned how to be a horse and be confident and happy, because she had never known how to do that. Once, I took her hay to her stall and she was so excited to eat she tried to eat from under my armpit. I shooed her away and she nipped me, but I wasn’t mad. I was so proud and happy because she had finally built up the confidence to stand up to someone. I immediately gave her the hay and I sprinkled in lots of treats.

Gradually, she was taught how to be ridden. I even entered her in a competition once! We got second, but that’s amazing because she used to be a horse who was formerly from a slaughterhouse.


PS: I might be getting a horse later, but it will definitely be a rescued horse. To help other horses that are in this scenario, (it’s not made up, lots of horses who are owned by kind owners end up a slaughterhouse. Even some racehorses.) donate to PETA by going to their website and donating money that will help them rescue horses and many other animals.



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  • Is the picture of the horse Beauty? Also great work on your story. I hope you one day get a horse.

  • this is a great story.i love how it all comes together.i also love your createve mind. you inspire me so mutch.
    i hope you meet all of your dreams today.have a good day.
    love your friend ellie.

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