Should women have to register for the draft? Weekly WA Post #9

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        In the United States, it has been mandatory for men to enlist in the draft when they turned the age of 18. The draft, also known as the Selective Service, is a process that our military uses to ensure that not having enough soldiers would never be a problem. If they ever were in desperate need of more soldiers, they find men eligible for the military by using the draft. These men would partake in rigorous training to then become apart of the USA’s military. As you can most likely tell, women were not supposed to register for the draft. This was a process only men who were of the age 18 or above would participate in. The draft is currently a thing of the past, but if they ever did decide to bring it back, should women be forced to register? The answer is yes for so many different reasons. Three very important reasons as to why women should have to register for the draft are: women will improve the military in many different ways, they recently have been cleared for all combat roles in the military meaning, they are contributing a great deal. The final, most important reason is that women have always believed in the idea that equal rights brings with it equal duties, and that we can and should share the same responsibilities as men.

        The fact that women can benefit the army in so many different ways is another reason as to why women should be eligible for the draft. For instance, women acquire many exceptional skills and talents that can improve the military. Author and attorney, Kelly Antoine, wrote the article “9 Reasons Women Should Have To Register For The Draft” for HuffPost and it stated, “Women are talented strategists. They are adept negotiators and critical thinkers. Much has been made of recent studies showing that corporations with women board members tend to be more profitable. Women’s perspectives and in fact, their very presence can influence discussions and lead to better decisions and better results” (paragraph 14). To analyze, qualities and traits that women pertain have been proven to lead to success. The fact that women are critical thinkers, better decision makers, and adept negotiators are the kind of people the U.S military needs. Women can help provide the military with insight of what to do in intense situations, and they can make decisions that could mean life or death. If the Selective Service ever returns, by not including women in it, our military will only be half as good as it should be.

        My second reason as to why women should be required to register for the draft is because they have been cleared to perform all combat roles in the military. For example, they are now allowed to fight instead of just working in the background. If women can do any job in the military a man can do, even be up front in war, what’s stopping our leaders from allowing women to partake in the draft now that they are more helpful than ever? Writer for CNN, Eric Bradner, states in his article, “U.S military opens combat positions to women” that, “This means that as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before” (paragraph 3). To further explain, Bradner believes that women contribute a great deal to our military now that they are eligible for all combat positions. If women strengthen the military so much in combat, by not including them in the draft we holding our military back from being the strongest yet.

        Lastly, one of the most important reasons as to why women should have to partake in the draft just as men are obliged to is because of gender equality. Women believe that with equal rights come with it equal duties. This means that if women and men are to be considered equal, they should be equal in the job field as well. Ruth Ben-Ghlat wrote in her article for CCN, “Women should have to register for the draft” that, “In the workplace and beyond, we share responsibilities with men. Selective Service registration should be no different” (paragraph 18). In other words, if most jobs are gender neutral, meaning both women and men can work in them, than why is the drafting process any different? So many women are willing to risk their lives for our country, but we aren’t giving them the chance to become apart of our military. 

        Currently, there are no plans to revise the draft, or even bring it back. However, the idea of women having to register for it is a thought many have been pondering. Even parents with daughters believe this is a favorable idea. The article, “Women should have to register for the draft” states that, “Yes, argued Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley in a recent Senate hearing. Yes, agreed Republican presidential candidates Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, all fathers of girls, when asked their opinions on the matter” (paragraph 2). In conclusion, if the draft ever makes a comeback, women should have to register because they will improve the military, they are cleared for combat jobs, and women can share the same responsibilities as men. If a great deal of the world is all about gender equality, why are we holding women back from one of the most fundamental aspects of our country?


9 Reasons Women Should Have To Register For The Draft” – HuffPost, written by Kelly Antoine

U.S military opens combat positions to women” – CNN, written by Eric Bradner

Women should have to register for the draft” – CNN, written by Ruth Ben-Ghlat

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  • this is great for my world studies report. thank you!

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