Technology: When and How It Influences Personal Education?

Technology in Education – solution or plague? Shall it be controlled or the student shall be rather guided on how to use it? Where and how to use it?

Technology in Education: Solution or Plague?

Technology is now in all fields of our life. Can you imagine your life without an oven or a refrigerator? Or without a TV or a computer? And what about public and private transportation? Or using the internet for writing a scholarship essay? Those are all samples of how technology has integrated into our life.

Though, now about education. Could you imagine that just one generation ago people did not know what the internet is, without mentioning such devices as a smartphone, a laptop. A personal computer was once a luxury, while now, it is a must for a child to learn properly and be updated with new materials.

Not for a child even! Do you know how many schools use electronic diaries and reports? Hence, if your child is a student, just to know about his or her progress, you have to know how to use a PC and the internet.



Technology has been integrated into education everywhere:

–          Kindergarten;

–          School;

–          University;

–          Home;

Your child cannot make a step without some technological development, wherever he is.

Technology and Education at Home

As soon as a child starts perceiving outer world, you may want to turn on for him or her Youtube video with children songs – there are so many of them! Moreover, it is some peaceful time for parents, as well.

Technology in Kindergarten

Some teachers, especially those of the older generation, will tell, that they against technology. Though just think: children are listening to songs, they are watching cartoons, movies. This is not about computers and smartphones, but technology is there.

Technology at School

Here is where your child uses technology consciously and intentionally. Moreover, your child is taught to use it: computers, equipment in the language lab, etc. School time is the time when technology opens all opportunities before your child, even though he doesn’t know yet how to use them. But he is learning.

Your child is making wonderful presentations, not written by hand but typed in a PC, illustrated with colorful images found on the web. Your child is able to access internationally famous libraries and sources that are not available not just in his city, but in the country as well. He finds materials that may surprise and amaze his teachers. The number of options is unlimited, though, parents and teachers still shall keep an eye on what the child is searching.

Technology at University

Here, at university, your child moves to a completely new level. If at school he was directed what to do and how to do, here, he is given tasks. Here, at this new level, he will not be able to handle this tasks without technology. In most cases, he will need advanced technological developments, such as the internet, cloud computing, etc.

At university students learn how to study independently. They find graphs and describe them or learn to modify them to adapt to their needs. They look for studies and experiments results to prove and develop their theories.

They learn how to use social and professional networks in a wise way, without control from the side of parents or teachers. They get in touch with researchers, scientists that work in the field. It comes to the point that their teachers may be surprised by student’s success and advancements.

The task of a teacher changes: now, he is not teaching but rather motivating, giving directions. All the rest depends on the student.

Technology and Self-Education

Technology, and that is again about the internet and devices that connect to it, is an immense help in self-education. You can learn any foreign language without a teacher. There are plenty of youtube videos, online resources, books and e-books, articles – whatever is easier and more interesting for you.

There are many people interested in language exchange, so you can try to teach your native language in exchange for the lessons in the language you want to learn. What about Skype lessons with a native teacher of some rare language?

You can learn programming by visiting one of the best colleges, online. As well, there are plenty practical lessons in the web, with samples, explanations. If you are ready to pay, a tutor will review your homework and send edited & commented version to your mail, or discuss the errors in Skype and give you some tips on how to move on.

You will not find a single field where the technology is not involved, in one way or another. Education is one of the most traditional though one of the most advanced fields. Hence, the technology application in education is still a topic to talk and argue about. Some approve it, the others believe that there is no place for technology in education, even though they are contradicting the common sense and themselves.

Technology vs. Education

All in all, it is up to a teacher or a parent to teach the child how to use the technology in a smart way. Then, we can speak about proper development and application of the unlimited sources that are available in education now.


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