This is why

Hi my name is Collin zombies would be a good pet because they wouldn’t eat you you could train it to beat people up if they are giving you problems.You could scare people with it.You could probably play games with it.You could teach it to catch things.It would be cool   thanks to Cameron.It could protect you.It could come to you if you call it…..       Thanks a lot dying Light for helping for this story to be so easy. Thank you

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  • I tried my best.

    • ohhh im sorry NOT!!!

  • its the opiside of what you just said ) :

  • i tried my best that was hard Niklas

  • Yah right, That thing will eat you hole

  • i’m sorry Collin but even if you try and domesticate a zombie if it gets its chance it will eat you just ask the walking dead

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