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        Today, sports play a big role in many teens lives. Not only are they for fun, but they have a really big impact on your mental and physical health as well. Kids can learn many valuable life skills if they play a sport and they can meet many new people while they’re at it. 

        One reason why sports matter is because they can help benefit with your social skills. There are a lot of people who enjoy different sports for many reasons. When people have common interests, they tend to get along better and develop a relationship easier. For example, if you’re going to a new school, you’re not going to know anybody. If you’re on some sort of team with people, you’ll already have the social skills needed to make a new friend. 

        Another reason why sports matter is because of how much it helps with your grades. Many people believe that any extracurricular activity interferes with studying. You may be thinking why sports help with grades, considering that they take up so much time and work. But, according to crystalandcomp.com, research shows that playing a sport actually improves your focus. 

        Another reason why sports matter is because its something fun for teens to do. Going to school is not something most kids enjoy, and doing something fun and hardworking in their free time is very reward-able. It also keeps kids from being lazy. Instead of sitting on the couch playing on their phone, they can do something that is fun, enjoyable, and very active. 

        All in all, sports have a lot of benefits for everyone, and they’re very fun and enjoyable too. Next time your school has a new sport you are interested in, try it and see if you like it. You may find your new favorite sport and may even make a few friends. 

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