Why Should Parents Not Limit Screen Time

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        Have you ever realized that kids have screen time limits,  because if you haven’t, then you must be blind or deaf. Parents and adults think that they should limit their kids screen time for “reasons” as they might tell you. There are some problems with screen time, but there are a lot more upsides.

        First, if you live in a place that has a nice school, you probably have computers. Have you ever realized how often you use computers at school or work? At our school, we use them almost 5 hours a day, yet my mom limits me to 2 hours. Figure out that logic. When I tell my mom that, she goes into the defensive saying things like “but when you’re at school, it is educational” and “If you get so much time already, then you shouldn’t be able to have any at home.” Finally, when you work at certain places like my dad, you are on computers or your phone over 8 hours a day. If you only had 2 hours on computers or phones, you couldn’t get a lot of things that are important finished.

        Also, screen time, and video games are not all bad. I do have to admit, some video games are bad with violence, or blood and gore, but there are also a lot of pluses to video games. Research done by Huffington Post shows that playing video games slow the aging process! Also, another test done by Huffington Post shows that video games can help people with dyslexia read better! Finally, one more bit of research done by Huffington Post shows that video games are also pain relievers. That is pretty awesome.

        Finally, parents should not limit kids from screen time due to the fact that it can be educational. Usually, parents don’t limit kids on educational sites, but there is always a few families out there that limit that too. For the parents who do, then you should rethink your logic. Think of it this way, do you want your kid to learn or not. Isn’t the answer pretty obvious?

        There are many reasons why parents should not limit kid’s screen time. From school to education that can come out of screen time, parents still limit it! They need to allow kids to use screen as a good thing. Thank you for reading! 

(P.s. You should not have screen time if you have epilepsy.)



  • I agree! Some games are fun and educational

  • No offense, but I think your mom is right.

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