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Since I have memory, I’ve been in four schools. But two of this schools are in different languages, so it was difficult. Two of this is schools are in Argentina, one is in Brasil (I went to this school in 2014), and the other is in United States (Now, I’m in this school).

The school of Brasil was hard, I didn’t speak Portuguese, it was two months of school (and, I need to walk 1 mile to go to the school, and another mile to come back to my home), but honestly, it was a boring time. In that time I was a shy person, and sometimes I still like a shy person. In that two months of school, I didn’t have any friend, I didn’t speak with anybody. Just I speak when other people came towards me, and always I said, can you speak me in English? Just I can learn Portuguese, or speak in Spanish and try to understand, but no, only English, and my brother learn the Portuguese, even he doesn’t took classes, he had a lot of friends. It’s wasn’t all bored, sometimes the guys invited me to play soccer. I still remember in the last days of schools, when I was leaving the school.

Are you ready? Did you study? He asked me

For what? I said.

– Tomorrow we have the last exam. He answered me.

The last exam? But this week we do the exams of the subjects. I said.

That doesn’t matter, the last exam is all of the subjects in one. I think that you had study, right? He said.

Yes, I already “studied”. I answered, in my mind I was like. WHAT? A exam that all the subjects are in one, and is tomorrow, this is great, very great.

Well, the score it wasn’t the best…

Three years had passed, 2017 was in the last weeks, and my mom and dad said that we are going to go to United States, my brother and I we’re really happy, and even more because we are going to go to Disneyland, but, there was a thing, if we go to United States, we need to go to the school. I was thinking, there is no problem, everyone speak English, and I had learned English six years. But I was really wrong. I’m doing the same thing that in Brasil. Even I speak English, I don’t speak with anybody, just a few hours, but all the day I don’t do anything. Just I’m going to stay a few months more, maybe to the end of the year, but I don’t know what to do. Just I’m wait for nothing I think. The only thing that I want, is talk, without that anything of me stop me. Just talk.


  • I was reading the story and I feel it is a part of my life. I can feel the same feelings. I agree with you that talking is important and it’s the key to learn the language. You just need to be a little bit more brave and I believe you can do it ! Person like you can do anything he wants to :)

  • I enjoyed reading your blog post. You show how hard it is to move where you must learn a new language, to make new friends, and to learn information in a new language. And to think you have had to do that many times. I like your choice to write your conversation with your brother in dialogue. Including your thoughts (in my mind I was like. WHAT?) helps the reader understand how you felt when he told you that the test would be over all your subjects. Try not to be discouraged. Very few people learn as many languages as you have. Knowing those languages will help you more than you know when you are an adult.

  • Wow, I didn’t know you had gone to school in Brazil, too, Matías! It is hard enough to adjust to a new school, and so much harder when you also have to deal with differences in language and culture. The dialogue you included really helped me feel your shock when you didn’t realize there would be one more exam! (By the way, that sounds really weird — to have exams for each subject and then an extra one about all the subjects?!) Remember that you have lots of supportive people in our class, and especially in your squad, who would love to talk more with you! I have noticed that you do a great job when it is time to share your thoughts with your squad, and I hope that encourages you to speak up in other ways more often!

    • Thanks! And yes, it’s weird to have an exam that is all the subjects together, it’s like the final exam of the year.

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