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The last year, the 22 of December, I went with my family to Disneyland, the day was ending and we are looking for go up in one attraction more.

We went to the attraction Space Mountain, we wait with my father and brother at least a half hour or 1 hour, later was the moment to ride in the wagons (before we rode, I was like, I don’t really like go in the front, and everything is dark inside, but we are going to ride 1 time). I went in the front, my brother in the middle and my dad in the back, and then, the attraction start, the thing was going and from a moment to other moment….

The wagons got stuck, it was lucky that we got stuck in a plain and not in a descent or a rise, it was everything dark, we heard screams from other people that were in the attraction, my brother was like, we are going to die, we are going to die, he always it gets nervous with this things. We wait like 10 minutes, and then the lights turn on, (but the thing don’t end right here).

When the lights turn on, we can saw other people in the attraction that are passing, and I think, if we get stuck here, they are going to hit us (luckily they don’t). And then, we wait other 20 minutes, my brother try to take off the seat belts, he was desperate for get out of there. And I think, they are going to find us, we just need to wait, we are not going to wait a few hours, I think. Then 5 minutes had passed and two employers had came and we were screaming: Hey!! We are right here!!. Then they take off ours seat belts and they guided us to the exit, and for the inconveniences, they gave us 3 entrances with a pass to ride other attractions.

It’s a moment that I never going to forget, but I know that I need to ride again that attraction, I couldn’t finish.

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  • Ohhhh yikes, Matías! That’s one of my favorite Disney rides, but I can imagine how terrifying it would be to get stuck on it! Getting stuck on any ride would be scary enough, but that one would be so much worse because of the darkness! All the details you included, from the screams of the other riders to your thoughts, really helped make this story come alive! I’m glad you still want to ride it again, after all that!

  • Such a fun story and an amazing describing! I love how you wrote about your brother feelings. Keep going, Matias!

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