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The last year, in may, there was a problem that follow me a few months…

The month may was beginning, I was in the school, everything it was normal, a few days later, one of my friends ask in my group of friends:

-Tomas want to join to our group, what do you think guys?

Everyone was like, I don’t know, he doesn’t have things in common with us, but we can gave him a opportunity. We said to him yes, and he join us, but like a 3 days later, he ask to my:

-You like me? (in the sense of friends, not other thing…).

And I said no, and he continue asking me that question, and I still saying no, and he continue, and he doesn’t stop. May was in the last days, and in one of the class, the counselor of the school called to my, and two friends more, she asked to us why we doesn’t speak with Tomas, or why we doesn’t join him in our group in the homework, we explain that we have like a code, a code that we understand, we have things in common, and Tomas doesn’t have that. But she said that we need to give him a opportunity, and we did it. The thing continue, and he still asking me that question, and I started to hate him a little, and he seat was next to me, and that was worst to me.

The month was June, and was my birthday, I did it with my friends, and I don’t know why we call Tomas and say horrible things, and again, the counselor call all of my group, and we speak again about what happened, and an idea came to me, I said to the counselor we can fix this problem if all of my group and Tomas we go with the counselor and speak, we did it, and we speak, the thing was, that Tomas make always that question because he think that I was the leader of the group of my friends, and we said to him, we don’t have leader, we are like a democratic group (but sometimes we are bored, and we do monarchies). And after that day, the thing was over. Tomas still in our group, he is one more of the group, we don’t have a leader, and we apologize for all the things, we do meetings with him.

But honestly, I really hate all the things that I was doing in that months, I make bad decisions, I said bad things to him, and all of that, because he make a mistake, and I know that we always going to remember that time, no matters what. Just I know, that I never going to do that again, never.


  • You know what Matias the important thing is you feel that you did a terrible thing to the guy. Finally you and your friends apologized to him. I could see the great person inside you, but sometimes we do a weird things and the important thing that we fix everything before it’s too late. I’ll give an device, don’t ever judge people before talking to them, always try to talk to them and know more about their life and you’re a great person don’t let anything around you change you.

  • Wow, I really appreciate that you shared this story with us, Matías, because we all have a lot to learn from it. At some point, we all do things that hurt others, whether it’s on purpose or accidentally, but it’s important to realize that there’s often a lesson to be learned, and sometimes even a way to make things right. So many problems arise from misunderstandings, and I’m glad that you eventually got the chance to talk about it and understand each other’s points of view. Knowing you, I am shocked that you would ever say anything bad to anyone, but I also know how easy it is to end up doing something that goes against what you know you should do. I love that you thought of a way to fix it, in the end! It sounds like you really learned a lot from this experience, and I can tell that it will always make you think more carefully about how others might feel.

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