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Nothing depends on your luck. Therefore, Everything depends on your work.

If anyone could do a change either in his life or in people’s life, that’s mean you can do.

Your shape, your color, your height, your weight, your circumstances, your language, your religion or your heritage, nothing could effect your success.

I believed in this three phrase (you can say), but think these are rules to be successful person. I moved to new school (Dublin Scioto High School) since, almost, five months. It’s not easy to  move in midyear of school. Consequently, I had trouble with making new friends, I had trouble adapting with the style of teaching for every teacher, I had trouble with many things. But, I only one thing, which’s everything will be improved just I  need little more time. It was about the end of the semester and I have to take the exams, no other option. 

I have always loved to be the best and the outstanding student who makes an excellent impression everywhere. And the mid term exams is my chance to show my teachers that I’m great student. With this in mind, I started study everyday for, at least 8 hours, I was sleeping 2-3 hours a day. It was very difficult. As a result to my hard work, I got a good grades, which made my teachers proud of me.

The surprise was I became a leader on a squad in my English class! That was a huge responsibility! 

The question was, am I able to do that? But the first thing came to my mind that I capable to do it and my teacher knows more than me, therefore she trusted me to be the leader, Also I’m not going to loss this chance to help students to be their best selves. By the time I understood that leadership not easy job to do, I have to be strict and kind in same time, I have to tell my members the right thing to do without hurting them.

Now I’ve completed one quarter as a squad leader.This leadership helps me so much to find good friends, to have fun, to help other students and they helped me. I’m so proud of my members and I have something to say for each one of them:

Norah, you are sensitive person which’s like me! very good at doing everything in class, I hope I could help you in someway to be your best self and always remember there’re people proud of you and I’m one of them. We will keep working together to be the best :)

Rana, you are kind, lovely and nice person. The improved that  you made in the end of this quarter made me so proud of you. Keep it up :)

Matias, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel that post part of your life (when you moved to DSHS). From the beginnig you were a hardwork student and you’re always trying to do your best, I’m so proud of you :)

Kritug, the quietest person I’ve ever met. I’m proud of you! and I hope you enjoy and learn in our great squad, and I hope I could help you in someway to be your best self.

Taha, you are a kind person and full of vitality, I’m so proud of you! Keep it up :)

I would like to thank Mrs.Mitchell for her cordial idea of having squads to make us better and closer to each other! I hope that I’m doing what she expect me to! 


  • Wow, I love this writing style, and after this post I started to think that you are one of the best squad leaders in our class! Actually you are right. If you are studying hard, and doing everything as best as you can you don’t need to be lucky, you are already sure that you will do everything perfect. But… If someone not like you, if someone prefer to spend his time a little bit different, but he still want to have a perfect marks or something… He has to be lucky. Without a luck he wouldn’t reach his goals. And I exactly agree, that better to be sure about yourself on 100% than hope, that you just will catch a luck.

    • Georgii! first of all I love your writing because it always has something funny in it which an amazing thing. Thank you very much for saying I’m the best squad leader, I cannot describe my happiness at this moment :-) I respect you perspective and I think we need luck in our life, but what I believe in is we make our luck! Well if we want a good grades or we want to be good at something we should work very hard on ourselves to be what do we want to be, and that’s what make us lucky. Additionally I think I’m not lucky person, therefore I want to make my luck that’s why I got this perspective. Thanks for positive comment :-)

  • Sajeda,
    Now, I think that I can comment this post what this new news, and I think about my post “It’s looks like, I’m the leader”, that situation it happen a time ago, now, I think that it need to happen right now, because now I’m leader when you are not here, and are the same feelings of your posts. I can really do this? I just have been 2 months here, and now I’m a leader, it’s to much for me, and I say yes, because you are like a example that I want to be, not be the same thing like you, be like a upgrade of me, with parts of you. And it’s really good for me, I hope to be a great leader.

    • You will be a great leader, you’re capable to be leader that’s why Mrs.M picked you! I hope to be a good example for all squad members as I’m for you. You can do it and be a great leader. Good luck with this lovely experience :)

  • Sajeda, you are a fantastic leader in so many ways. I felt that I was taking a risk in choosing you because I still didn’t know you very well, but I could just tell that you were an incredibly hardworking, responsible student as well as a kind, caring person. And you have surprised me again and again by exceeding my expectations constantly, both with your own work and with your deep concern for your squad members. I’m so glad this has been a meaningful experience for you, and I loved the way you ended by encouraging each person in your squad! I admire your determination and resiliency; it’s incredible how hard you are working to improve yourself after all the challenges you have been through!

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