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Two years ago, in the month august, my brother (in that year he had 9), he start to don’t do anything in the school, he got bad scores in the exams, he doesn’t do the homework, even the work in the school. And when the director said that to my mom, after the school, every single day until the summer, there was always like a kind of battle (it was more like shouting between them) between my fathers and my brother. The worst thing, was that the battle starts when I was near to them, so I heard everything, and I don’t like that, all the things that they say, sometimes, I just to don’t heard anything, like they doesn’t exist. The thing continue, and my fathers said that I don’t feel affected to that, that my brother was like a troublemaker.

Finally, he got good scores and the thing was over. That was I think…

The last year, happen the same thing, and that was not the only thing, there was more things that my brother do. My grandmother forget his phone in my house, and my brother hidden it, he bring it to the school, and in the school, their partners steal it the phone. 2 months passed, and my brother, when he was to the school, he saw one of his partners with the phone, and he steal it (the phone was of my grandmother, even the police doesn’t want to find it), and after that, my brother tell us that he hide the phone and happen the others thing, and my mom said “Ladrón que roba a ladrón, tiene cien años de perdón.” what means “Thief who steals thief, has a hundred years of forgiveness.”

After that, happen other thing, my brother use the credit card of my mom to but things in a game. And I think that you imagine what happen… (Honestly I don’t want talk deeply about this)

And the last thing was, that my brother bought a phone that a partner of his school was selling whit the money of my dad. And the mom of the guy that sell the phone, it was a POLICE, and she doesn’t want to give back the money. (At the end she did it)

After of all of this problems, the things are over, and my brother learn the lessons.


  • You know what I love troublemaker guys, but I’ve never heard of someone like your brother. Just Wow!
    I kinda of live the same things with my little brother and the same thing happened ( the battle between father and brother ) , and I know very well how bad and hard to live in an everyday battles. I was thinking why they don’t try to talk to the children quietly and convince them because children do crazy weird action at that age. you made me exciting to meet your brother! I hope he become nice quiet guy like you!
    Also I love when you used to write in Spanish, super cool! I’ll do that in my writing. Awesome idea :)

    • I think that one day, you can meet my brother. And I wrote that sentence in Spanish because it’s like a rhyme, and how is the justice for us. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  • Wow, Matías. What a difficult time for your family! You created a lot of suspense in your writing that really made me want to keep reading! I’m glad your brother ended up learning his lesson, even thought it took a long time!

    • Thanks! Yes, it was a lot of time to learn his lesson, and sometimes still doing tantrums, but little by little he is going to learn, and calm down.

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