The beginning of a final…

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First, we have to clarify to understand:

– The country is Argentina, a different culture, and the schools are different. The first school that we take, is the “Primaria” (in English it’s primary), the grades that this school have is from 1st grade to 7th grade. Here, in United States it be elementary school and some part of middle school. When we finish the “Primaria”, it comes the “Secundaria” (in English secondary), and this is school is from 8th grade to 12th grade, here, in United States, it be some part of middle school and high school.

– “Viaje de egresados” (in English, trip of graduates), this trip, celebrate the last year of a school, the end of a road. This is trip, is with all the partners of the course, they go to a touristic place, and they stay a few days.


The year was 2014, I came back of Brasil in the month July, in our course, our fathers and mothers, they had already chosen the travel company, (I still remember the name, “Agarrate Catalina”, in English, “Grab Catalina”). July was finishing, and we (if you are lost, I say we, because, we went with all of my partners) went for one day to the snow with the travel company, the place was near to the limit between Argentina and Chile. We ate “Milanese to the Neapolitan with garrison”, and for a dessert, ice cream. Then we wait a few hours and then, we play in the snow for hours, like 4 or 5. And when the sun was hiding, they bring it to the school, and there, our fathers came to bring us to our homes.

The school was finishing, everyone was happy, in the summer, meets with our friends, go out and play, sleep all the hours that we want, stay awake all the hours that we want, go to the pool, play sports. You know, all the things that everyone like in the summer.

The school finished, three days after the last day of school. That day was the beginning of a final…

Everyone of the course went to the school to took the bus of the travel company, we put all of our luggage, and we leave, bound for San Rafael.

san_rafael (Now, you have an idea of the place, and now, you can make the pictures)

When we get to the place, everyone go to the cabins with their friends, the boys were playing soccer, and the girls and some boys were playing volleyball, I and my friends were asking what we can do, everyone want to play volleyball (most of my friends don’t like soccer, including me), so we asked to the girls to play, and we played. It was weird, eventually, in all of these years of school, we didn’t play with the girls, but in this trip, we play. In the night the travel company take us to a strange walk, they said that that walk, was a tradition of all the travel company (obviously, anyone don’t believe that, or maybe yes, I don’t know Mr. Reader, I can’t read minds),  we walk for a street trough hills, and sometimes there is wasn’t lights. Then, we get to a place that there was two guys in a streetlight, (that guys were from the travel company, but we don’t know that). When we passed them, some of our partners came crying, because that guys follow them, (I didn’t see that, so I don’t know how was it). Then, they took us to a tunel, that tunel it was completely dark, if you were inside, you can’t see anything, with my friends decide that we are going to run inside the tunel, then we put our arms in a shoulder of a friend, after all this crazy things, we came back to the cabins and ate the dinner, and sleep (when we were coming, some partners came crying, even the persons that I think that they don’t cry, they cry).

The next day, it was a kind of normal, we play volleyball, we play in the pool, we do rafting, but the worst and the best thing at the same time cames, the wood fire, in that time in the wood fire, we dance, we play, we talk, we remember things, some people that doesn’t dance before, dance (even I, I didn’t dance with someone before, until that night). And they say, “Your fathers have written cards for you.” All of us were asking who will have written. And after they give the cards to all of us, the final was coming…

Some people cry for the cards, others were in the limit of cry and hapyness. In my card, my fathers write that they were proud of me, that they are going to be for me always, no matter what, I think that I still have the card, I don’t rembember. And then, they said while they brought a video camera and a microphone, “Now, all of you, seat in a circle, we are going to pass with the camera and you need to say something to your friends.”

They start to pass with the camera, there was 4 partners before me, everyone cry. When I saw my partners crying, I was normal (Seriously, I was completely normal, like when you are bored or you feel that you don’t have compassion without anyone, or I don’t know, completely normal), I was thinking, “Why they cry? I know that I’m not to cry, I don’t have memorys with they.” But obviusly, I was completely wrong, when they give me the microphone, I start to cry, like if you are cutting a lot of onion, or anyone in your family has died, or when you take something away from a child, well, like that, but I don’t scream or something like that. After they pass with the camera with all of my partners, everyone give hugs between them, even I hug with a partner that it wasn’t my friend, that I don’t have any memory, but we hugged anyway.

That is a trip that I never going to forget, I trip, that marked the beginning of a final, but there is one more trip left, and who knows what is going to happen, the only thing that we can do, is wait, and the same thing, that trip that we wait, is the…

Beginning of a final…


  • Matias! I admire your post! I could feel everything as I live it with you. I love everything in your post, your words, delicacy, title, the picture that you included and I could feel how much this trip means for you, especially because we have the same school system! I feel my country has many things matches with yours which so cool! For me the most effective part is your father letter, it has so much sensitive feelings. Your post was long but while I’m reading it I didn’t feel boring it was very fun to know something about Argentina and also something special about one of my friends. Keep going! you’re painstaking person and I could tell that from the first day you came in. I’m SO PROUD to have such a quite, nice and diligent person like you in my squad :-) Keep it up Matias! hard-working people have bright future!

    • I really appreciate that you read all the post, and that wasn’t boring for you, and it’s incredible that your country have the same school system. And about the titles, I don’t like this type of titles that say “The trip that change my life”, or something like that, so, when I have the idea about my post, I think a title related with the idea, and there it’s come this title, “The beginning of final”, that how I say when I talk about the “viaje de egresados”, this trip, mark the end of a road, but, it’s only the beginning of the final.

  • Hey, Matias. It was so fun to read this post! I like it. I had a so strong feelings when I read it. Go to trip with your classmates, it’s really great idea, and I feel so happy, to learn that somewhere people do it! Such an interesting story, keep going!

    • Thank you for the comment! Yes, it’s really good to go to a trip with your classmates, it’s like that is the last time that you are going to see them, and you are going to have a good time with them, so, Why you are going to say no to that? I think that is the best ideas to finish a school.

  • I love all the special experiences they created for you on this trip, Matías, especially the letters from your parents and the bonfire evening! I’ve been away at camps where our parents wrote us letters, and that was always really special. My favorite part was when you said that you didn’t think you would cry, and then you did! It’s amazing how just the right atmosphere can create strong feelings that you’d never expect, and create bonds between people you weren’t even close to!

  • OMG!!! You did a wonderful job. I loved your post, it was very entertaining. In my old school at the end of the 12th grade we make a trip very similar to the one that you describe, and trust me I know how fun
    and sentimental can be. The most important part is that you always going to remember that trip and all the wonderful memories.

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