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Football, tango and roast … In those words we gather some of the main traditions of Argentina. If you travel to this South American country, bear in mind that if you want to internalize your culture, you should not be alien to those three popular customs.

When you’re wondering what to order in a restaurant, ask for a barbecue, as carne asada is one of the typical Argentine dishes. Whenever families and friends meet, they take the opportunity to make a great barbecue.

As I said in the introduction, soccer is one of the most undeniable traditions of Argentina. And more than a tradition, it could be said that it is an obsession for most of its inhabitants, be they men or women. The country is paralyzed every time they face Boca and River, the most popular soccer teams, but above all when the Argentine National Team plays, which was world champion in 1978 and 1986. In addition, who is considered one of the best players in football of history, Diego Maradona, is Argentine.

Each country has its typical dance and that of Argentina, and that of the whole region of the River Plate, is the tango. It is an urban dance, which is practiced as a couple and which is very sensual thanks to the accentuated movements of the waist and legs. One of the most outstanding exponents of Argentine tango was Carlos Gardel, although it is not known for sure if he was Argentine, Uruguayan or French.

Leaving aside football, tango and asado, Argentina’s traditions also include celebrations that recall important events in the history of the country. Among them, are Malvinas Day (April 2), May Revolution Day (May 25) and Independence Day (July 9).

Argentina is a country whose official religion is Catholic. So celebrating Christmas every December 25 is also part of the traditions of Argentina.

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  • Your pride for your country is obvious throughout this post, Matías, especially in the strong word choice you used to describe how important soccer is! I would love to hear more about how you celebrate some of those special holidays. Maybe you could write some more posts about them!

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