Turning Point !

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March 18, 2011, the Syrian Revolution started in Daraa, the city that I live in, because people can not see children “without guilt” being arrested and tortured in an inhuman way. In very few weeks the revolution spread in some Syrian provinces.

We, Syrian people, thought the horrible massacres will be crowned with victory soon. According to the Egyptian revolution and other Arab country revolutions’. But, what happened was out of expectation, out of peoples’ control, out of perception and out of laws of HUMANITY.

In Daraa, we organized demonstrations and protests to gain our rights as a human. The right of speaking out and loudly, the right of expressing our feelings.

Everything was going around me made me forget who I am .. what is my goal .. what I love .. and what I hate .. what is the right and what was the wrong. After a few months the army and the security forces began blowing up schools in the capital, Damascus, and the schools closed in most of Syrian provinces to keep the children intact. Even most of the students stopped going not only for that reason, because they’re matured and knew what was taught in the books about their rights was lie made by the government.

Although the absence of safety and the fear that we felt and all the terrible all terrible circumstances, but my grandmother’s bosom compensated me and gave me the love, power and safety that I need.

The army spread all across Daraa.In order to instill fear and weakness in people’s’ hearts. The deployed tanks and guns everywhere; they wanted to divide us by barriers every half mile. If I wants to go from my home to my grandma’s home I have to show passport or ID, this was absurd. Don’t you think I could get there easily???! NO, I could get kill, arrest or rape.

Overall I kept going there, until that day in month of May, when I went there and I didn’t find my grandma in her bed. There was a thousands of ideas ( bad thoughts ) in my mind. At that evening I realized that when the ” turning point” hit your life it will flip it upside down… follow later.




  • Sajeda, I already knew you were strong and resilient, but the more of your story I read, the more I admire you. Your word choice and writing style make your experiences and feelings come alive in an incredibly moving way. Your line about how these events made you forget who you are was very powerful, especially when I remembered the contrast in the first part of your story from Friday. I was also really impacted by how you said that many students stopped going to school not just because of the danger, but because they realized that the curriculum was propaganda. When you described how difficult it was for you to go to your grandmother’s house, I was shocked! Your love for her is obvious, and I am on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happened to her! Thank you for continuing to tell his important story!

    • Thanks for you, for reading my post, for encouraging me, for making me proud of myself and making me feel how much my message is valuable. I love writing ( I wrote this story in Arabic and I’m translating it to English with working on conventions and using strong words) and I’m so glad that people read it in English and realized the small details that changed people’s life. In addition, I’m trying to use everything I’ve learned in class to make my writing better and if I’m good at doing something that is because of you and every teacher have taught me. All love and respect for you “my inspiration”.

  • I am really sorry that you have been through this. Nobody deserves to go through this kind of event in life. There are a lot of countries going through this kind of event and I think it should stop.

  • Sajeda,
    You are an amazing young lady. No one should have to experience what you and many Syrians have gone through. I admire your strength and your courage. Your grandma is a lucky lady to have you as her grand daughter. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Sajeeda,

    Your story is one of incredible horror, but also undeniable resilience. I am honored to be able to walk with you through your writing. Thank you for taking the time to share your views of the world surrounding us, your story may impact the lives of others in a way that you will never see.

    • Thank you for reading my posts and for leaving encouraging comment. I wish that my story could impact the others in someway!

  • Dear Sajeda,

    I read your first post and was struck by the power of your words. But this post I find even more riveting, especially with the cliffhanger ending. You are one of the strongest people I have ever read and the power of your words illustrates your strength. I was extremely close to my grandmother and also sought out her house to find solace and comfort. I cannot imagine, however, feeling as you did– afraid to go for fear of being killed, hurt or raped. How horrible. I love all of your very strong verbs and description of your feelings in your writing. You are a powerful author.

  • Sajeda,
    When I read your posts, it’s always remember for that time in my country, that 15 years of terror, but I don’t live that, you live it, and it’s horrible, I don’t know if this things are going to stop, I think there is a lot of time to stop that, but, if you make this posts, you send a message to the people of the world, that what is happening, and make loud around others country. You had passed a lot of bad things, but there is going to be a time, that you are going to have good times, you need to wait.

  • Sajeda, you are a really brave person. I think is amazing that you are sharing your story about all the bad things that you have been through. In the personal, when I’m reading your stories I feel really lucky but selfish because sometimes I think that I’m going through big problems. But when I read your post I realized that my problems are not big. Thank you so much for being so strong, brave, and a beautiful person.

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