Turning Point !

March "Slice of Life" Challenge!

March 18, 2011, the Syrian Revolution started in Daraa, the city that I live in, because people can not see children “without guilt” being arrested and tortured in an inhuman way. In very few weeks the revolution spread in some Syrian provinces.

We, Syrian people, thought the horrible massacres will be crowned with victory soon. According to the Egyptian revolution and other Arab country revolutions’. But, what happened was out of expectation, out of peoples’ control, out of perception and out of laws of HUMANITY.

In Daraa, we organized demonstrations and protests to gain our rights as a human. The right of speaking out and loudly, the right of expressing our feelings.

Everything was going around me made me forget who I am .. what is my goal .. what I love .. and what I hate .. what is the right and what was the wrong. After a few months the army and the security forces began blowing up schools in the capital, Damascus, and the schools closed in most of Syrian provinces to keep the children intact. Even most of the students stopped going not only for that reason, because they’re matured and knew what was taught in the books about their rights was lie made by the government.

Although the absence of safety and the fear that we felt and all the terrible all terrible circumstances, but my grandmother’s bosom compensated me and gave me the love, power and safety that I need.

The army spread all across Daraa.In order to instill fear and weakness in people’s’ hearts. The deployed tanks and guns everywhere; they wanted to divide us by barriers every half mile. If I wants to go from my home to my grandma’s home I have to show passport or ID, this was absurd. Don’t you think I could get there easily???! NO, I could get kill, arrest or rape.

Overall I kept going there, until that day in month of May, when I went there and I didn’t find my grandma in her bed. There was a thousands of ideas ( bad thoughts ) in my mind. At that evening I realized that when the ” turning point” hit your life it will flip it upside down… follow later.