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I went back to my home, to tell mom that I didn’t find my grandma in her bed. What a aching scene I saw !!! my mom sitting on the ground, her eyes tended to redness and my brothers around her crying. As a result of what I saw I thought my grandma died. But I’ve never thought that my avuncular (my mother’s brother and he was a mentally ill) arrested by the army forces and they’ll transfer him to the capital prison. In this case we’ll never see him again. So, avoiding to that my grandma went with my other avuncular to negotiate with them. Ultimately, they agreed to keep him in Daraa prison if they gave one million Syrian Pounds, which is twenty thousand dollar. It was an appalling night, if they didn’t pay he’ll go forever. Eventually, they collected this large amount of money, they took debts from the neighbors, from cousins, they gathered money from everywhere and paid for devils. 

That 8 years girl, felt like she’s an 80 years, unable to help the person who helped her in every step in her life (grandma), she was waiting for her death because she’s even not able to help herself. Watching everything around me was the only thing that I could do and the only thing that killed everything inside me. It’s very painful to see people you love are suffering and you are helpless.

After this shock, my grandma become so weak, she suffered from renal insufficiency and that led her to inability to walk. Consequently doctors told her that she should start dialysis, which is she had to go to Damascus to do it twice per week. At the same time, someone came with terrible news, they transferred my avuncular to the capital prison. It was a knockout for my grandma. In fact she went in coma and my mother and my aunts took her to the hospital immediately ( NO man could go with them because the army forces will capture them), but they stopped them before they reach Damascus by half fifteen minutes. They sent them back.

They went back to Daraa hospital and my mom stayed with her for almost one month, they didn’t treat her more than giving her oxygen, because the hospital was empty of medication, the armies destroyed everything. She was in coma and the only thing that she was saying it is my name. I went to the hospital with my mom, but she was unconscious. I cannot forget how I kissed the doctor’s hand to treat her, to do anything to bring her alive again. After 3 days I went back home, I lived one month without my mom, without my grandma and at this month I knew that the impossible could happen, I’ve never thought  I could live without mom but that happened. Moreover I have to take care of my little brothers and I don’t even know how to take care of myself.

What a terrible life the Syrian children should live!!

6-27-2011, afternoon, I heard very loud sound coming from the mosque says  “Sabah Zen-alabiden (my grandma) moved to the mercy of god”

I was waiting her to come back but she left me with broken heart ! I wish I died before her….follow later.


  • Wow, Sajeda! Once again, the details you’ve included really make your story come alive. The part where you described how helpless you felt was extremely powerful, especially when you said that you felt like you were 80 instead of 8. I could feel your desperation wanting to keep your uncle safe and wishing your grandma could be healed, and I’m amazed that you were taking care of your little brothers through such a difficult situation when you were so young! The ending, especially the way you described finding out that your grandma died from the sound of the mosque, was very emotional. Thank you for continuing to share your story with us!

  • Honestly, Sajeda, I don’t have anything to say, for me it’s weird to have people close to me that have passed for horrible things, I know that the world can be horrible, but have people closer that had passed for this, it’s shocking for me. And a little more of this and you can make me cry. I only know, that all of this bad thing that you had passed, it’s going to come something good.

  • Hi Sajeda,
    I don’t know you, but I am a teacher at Scioto, and I just read your powerful story. You have done a wonderful job of sharing your past with anyone who reads your story. It is easy for young people to feel like their life is so hard, but compared to your experience, their problems are small. Your experiences will help you keep your spirit strong.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mr. Rabold

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