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If you lost something important for you, would you get sad, mad or even cry? 

Now imagine if you lost person, not any person, person who helped you walk your first step in your life, who supported you in everything even if you were mistaken, who gave you all love, peace and hope. Wouldn’t you cry for the lost ?! 

Sometimes we can’t take any action just because we surround for everything, even crying become impossible. All you can do is silence. 

After the death of my grandma by weeks I initiated to involve in protests and my dad too. Now nothing I fear of, their guns, their tanks, their plans, their prisons. Nothing scares me. 

People demonstrated and protested demanding their rights, they wanted to live dignity, to express their opinions, to live without fear of government. They wanted their basic rights, (they didn’t want war,nor murder, nor arrest). That contrived me an ample door of questions! Why the government of Syria didn’t want to give people their rights? Why they did( and still do) all of these human massacres all over Syria, especially in Daraa and Homs? Why does the world watch these massacres and do NOT do a slight reaction? Why all of the Arab countries are watching that in silence? Why have they ignored and forgotten all that Syrian people has offered to those countries? Do the Iraqis forgotten what Syrians offered them in wartime( in Iraq)? Did the Palestinians forget that Syrians was the first country open its doors at time of their emigration? Did the Jordanians forget that Syrians was providing them the fruit and vegetables that they couldn’t grow it in their lands? Did the Saudis forget that Syrians provide them the education services in the most famous university (Damascus University) for free, which is their country didn’t offer that to them? Does people forgot that Syrian is part of the world and Syrian people have the right to live peacefully? Where’s the world ? Where are the Human Organizations? Where is the justice?

All of these questions were in an eight years old girl’s mind. Isn’t a repression of our childhood ?!!

12-5-2011 was the first storming to the place that I lived in. 6 am rather than waking up on an a pleasant voice from your mom tells you to go to your lovely, safely place which is your school, I woke up on a frightened voice from my mom tells my father to go and hide in safe place, she knew there’s no safe place in Syria, but mostly the army troops don’t go to the plains and mountains searching on men. It was a day, unlike any day, day full of pain and screaming, full of sorrow and blood. It was a rainy day, unlike any rainy day, it was raining a bullets. we smelled a gunpowder instead of smelling the roses with morning breeze.

Due to this day,I became a cancer patient, but without cancer…. follow later.



  • Sajeda,
    My opinion is that the fear controls everything, that is why the people don’t do anything, they are scared that all the things that happened are going to happen to them. But I think, that one day everything is going to end, I don’t know when, but some day, the things need to end.

    • Matias, I’m always waiting to your comments, because I think we have a common ideas and thoughts. I know fear controls the people and your right everything will end. I hope people read my posts and they feel the same feeling that I’ve, I believe if the people want to do something they will do and I hope we could do something to stop that. The more it takes the more people die and the lost become greater.

  • Sajeda, you are such a powerful writer, and I am always riveted by each piece of your story. In this post, the series of questions you posed to the world was exceptionally moving, because I could feel your frustration and hurt. I didn’t know Syria had helped all those other countries in those ways, but I know that people everywhere should be appalled at what has been happening. As you said, we should know that “Syria is a part of the world and the Syrian people have the right to live peacefully”. Every time that you remind us that you were only 8 years old when you experienced these awful things, my heart breaks all over again.

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