Turning Point !

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Life could change in minutes. Therefore, relish every minute however it was.

Waking 6 am, go to school or work, having fun,love and peace in every minute, back at home to eat dinner with family conference to tell about family member’s day and sleep in warm peaceful room with being confident that tomorrow will be better. It was the regular life of Syrian people until…

I lived in small family¬† 2 brothers and me, which’s a small in comparison to others, my mother was an Arabic teacher and my father was a math teacher.I lived near by my mothers’ family. As a 8 years old child I felt love and peace everywhere around me. I spent my whole entire time with my grandma, she was the closest person to me and I was her favorite granddaughter. I had so many friends everywhere in school and neighborhood. Taking care of my dolls and being the best in school was huge concern for me, which’s the most interesting thing to an eight years old child.

I’m growing up, but I feel there’s a little kid inside me couldn’t grow and that was the best thing that all people love it. I planned for bright future, helpful future, hopeful future. I wanted to be the best pediatrician in Syria, but all of these dream and plans disappeared when I heard this unforgettable sentence in news” Children were arrested by the government in the Syrian city of Daraa, because they wrote (Freedom) on the wall of their school and their fingers were amputated for doing illegal action”

I can’t forget the picture of children their fingers were bleeding and bruises on their faces. I can’t forget their sound while they cry and say “what a great sin we’ve committed”. It was terrible unforgettable day to every Syrian. It was turning point of their life… follow later.


  • Wow, Sajeda, thank you for sharing this important story. The contrast you created by starting with your normal, happy life full of hope and dreams really makes the devastation of this turning point come alive. Like most people, I’ve seen and heard some of the awful news coming out of Syria, but I had not heard about the moment you described. I’m crying at my desk right now because I can’t imagine how anyone could do that to children, nor can I imagine how you must have felt seeing that news when you were a child yourself.
    Your details and word choice really make this story come alive, and I can’t wait to read more of your stories throughout this month!

    • Thank you Mrs.Mitchell for making me feel how much my story is important and valuable and for encouraging me to write more about it. I want to tell people how much Syrian children is struggling and they still ’till this day, and March challenge is a great chance for me.

  • Although I don’t know you Sajeda, I feel as though I do. You have a powerful voice and a powerful message. It is clear that you have experienced struggles that few of your peers can fully understand. My wish for you is that you can use those experiences as a source of strength as you move forward in life. I know that you can have success in whatever you decide to pursue. And never lose that powerful voice!

    • Thank you very much for encouraging me! I’ll carry your advice with me for the rest of my life :)

  • Sajeda,
    I can’t imagine the terror a child must feel upon hearing about this and seeing the children. I am aware of the strife in Syria but your story makes it personal. I hope you follow your dream and become a pediatrician. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Thank you so much for such a nice, encouraging comment like that :)

  • Sajeda,

    Wow! What a terrifying experience to have encountered as a child! That sort of shock and pain is not something I can even begin to understand. Never forget that little girl in you that loves life and family and school! She is your heart and should be shared with the world every day. I have faith that you will use this experience to persevere and and will someday in some way serve those who have suffered. Thank you for sharing your story!

    ~Frau Moore

    • Also your presentation at Global Read – a – latte was wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing about your home and your family! And thank you for writing my name in arabic! :D

    • Thank you so so much for your hopeful, nice and encouraging comment.

  • Wow! This was an incredibly moving piece! Wonderful job Sajeda! I cannot imagine having experienced this. Continue to write about these turning points in your life. They are important that you voice your opinion and I hope that by sharing these stories you feel proud of yourself for being able to talk about it.

    • I feel so proud when such a nice people like you leave an encouraging and cool comments like yours. Thanks :)

  • Sajeda,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am incredibly touched and moved by the experiences you have described in this story. I cannot even begin to imagine how you must have felt to receive that horrific news, and at such a young age. I hope you continue to let your light shine and recognize the positive impact that you can have on the lives of those around you. You sound like a young lady of incredible courage, strength and passion. I hope you continue to share those virtues confidently with those around you and that others are inspired by your example!

    Mme Heaton

    • I’ll continue by encouraging from nice person like you. Thank you so much Mme Heaton for your hopeful comment.

  • Sajeda,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us! It takes a lot of courage and strength to be able to express yourself in that way. What you wrote was very revealing and very heartfelt. I really appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you and what you have experienced in your life. I am now a better person because of what you have shared! Despite the adversity that you have faced, I sincerely hope that you are able to find peace in your heart! I hope you keep writing about your experiences and hopefully in turn, that will help!

    Aaron Rowe

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement ! I appreciate reading my post and leaving a great comment.
      I found peace between very nice people like the Americans people, and I’m telling the story of thousands children in Syria to help them find peace somewhere in this world.

  • Wow Sajeda!!! I don’t know what to say right now , I’m sorry!!!! You made me cry.

  • Sajeda, every night I watch the news and see horrible reports of the life in Syria. But your words painted a much more vivid picture of the horror than any of the news videos. Your words are powerful and true and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your inner feelings in such a beautiful and memorable way.

    • Thanks for you, for your nice words. Thanks for making me proud of my story “)

  • Sajeda,
    Thank you for sharing! What you have endured is painful, and I am very sad that any child on Earth faces this nature of cruelty. I hope you feel you have choice and freedom in the US, and the opportunity to follow your dream!
    -Dr. Blevins

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