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If I ask you a couple of questions, will you answer me?

Who’s the most person/people deserve your love? Who’s the most effective person in your life? Who’s your delight? If you have trouble right now, who will you call? 

Mostly you’re answer will be your family, your father or your mother. Yeah your family! The people who can’t endure one day without them. The only people who is going to stand beside you and prop you forever. The only people who is going to adore you with all of your sins. The only people who accept you, for who you are. Well I know we all recognize their efforts and we appreciate that. Although most of us acknowledge of our emotion and devotion to them, but let me ask you this! What was the last good thing you did to them? When it was? Is it sufficient?

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my doctor and I was sitting in spacious lobby room with dim light. I was the only youthful girl there. It was snowing profusely and I was watching the snowflakes gliding beside the window, I wasn’t bummer for me, but it was for daddy because he detest waiting and he’s impatient. He was complaining to me and I wasn’t pay even a scant of attention for him. While I was watching the snow and the clock, someone was trying to open the lobby’s door! I just awarded all of my attention to the door and I raced to open the door. Uh, it was elderly lady! She seems so weird. Aforementioned, it was a snowing, even though she was wearing a shirt and woolly jacket down to her knees.

In a faint and affectionate voice I said,”Hello, how are you doing today?” she replied with smile (closer to laughter),”I’m fine” then she took a seat beside me. For moment I thought, she’s homeless or it might be drunk, she cut off my thought by her faint laughable voice asking,”Hey, do like my style?” without even thinking I laughed and said,”Yeah, of course”. Oh, she might have mental disorder. It’s nosy question,”why you’re here?” what a stupid question I asked,but I was so curious to know more about her. However, she didn’t answer me. I was waiting her to say anything. Finally she asked about my personal life and I was answering her, after a few minutes I recognized that most of her questions were about that my family.

Now I don’t want them to call my name, I just want to know more about this lady. I added the thing that made the rest of my night terrible,”Do you have children?” with wistful depressing voice she answered,”I do, and I love them” after seconds she added with tears filled her eyes,”I love them pretty much, and I wish they do,but I don’t think so”. That minute I wished I could disappear, I wished I kept my mouth closed better than asking bagatelle question. Ultimately, they called my name, I hate watching people grief and also my question was the reason. I went in after an hour, I ambled out afraid of facing her, but I didn’t find her in the lobby.

I cannot forget that all the night, her sound, face, tears and her voice! I didn’t sleep, because of my overcrowded ideas about her and her children.

What a massive wound in her heart and her soul because of her children!

The mother is the most sensitive person in the world. You will never ever find someone sympathetic, compassionate and affectionate like your mother. Therefore, never try to hurt her even with small words and always remember that you are young and powerful just because of her. Mothers are grace from god!


















































































  • Sajeda,
    Yes, the mothers are everything in this world, I don’t know what I can do without my mom, but in this world, there is people for everything in this world, and who know why there son and daughters that doesn’t love their moms and dads. This thing that happen to you, I know the same situation closer to my family, but I think is worst, yes, definitively is worst.

    • Oh, I wish you tell us about this story, if it doesn’t bother you, these kind of stories effected me pretty much.

      • I can tell the history, and that history (I think that still happen that history, I don’t know during these days), well, the thing is that history it related with one of my posts, exactly the post “The time of terror”. Whatever you want, I can tell you by here or person.

  • I love how a conversation with a random stranger led you to this deep realization, Sajeda! Just think — if you hadn’t been friendly to her, you never would have had this moment! I can tell you worked really hard to use strong word choice to help us feel the impact of this story. It’s so easy to go through our lives without showing enough appreciation for those who matter most to us, and we could all benefit from trying to show our love more! I hope that lady’s children find a way to show her that they love her!

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