What does it mean to be Argentine?

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To be Argentine is to fight it, it is to get ahead, it is to be searched every day to bring a plate of food to our house. It is dreaming of a better future. It is the uncertainty, not knowing what the week, the month, the next year will bring. It is to wait for the next crisis and see it as an opportunity to improve ourselves. It’s getting ahead. It is never to be satisfied with what we have, and always to think that outside is better.

Being Argentine is feeling passion for everything we do. Passion for soccer. For our colors, for our flag, for our selection. It is to encourage our team to win or lose. It is to keep on singing world after world cup that we will be champions like in ’86. It is to stop and take our hands to the heart with the first chords of our anthem. It’s crying when we hear it.

Being Argentine is the tango, the folklore, the Neapolitan Milanese, the alfajor, the pastries, the soda, the empanadas, are the fried cakes, the puchero, the stew, the locro. Being Argentine is the pen, the fingerprints, the cardiac bypass, the helicopter, the bondi. It is Favaloro, Maradona, Messi, Pope Francisco, Fontanarrosa, Charly Garcia, Fangio, is San Martin, Belgrano, Gardel, Borges, “La Negra” Sosa, Milstein, Piazzolla, Vilas, Cortázar, Porcel and Olmedo, is “Che “,” Tato “Bores. They are Super Hijitus, Paturuzú, Mafalda, Anteojito, Clemente and Manuelita.

Being Argentine is knowing that any excuse is good to get together with friends. It is sharing a mate with anyone, the Fernet with Coca, the asados, a minced with cheese, salamín and mortadela, are the gnocchi of the grandmother the 29, the guitarreadas. And it is also the trick, the hopscotch, the payana, the taba, the toad, the ball, the ring raje.

Being Argentine is not understanding how dulce de leche is not famous all over the world. Is to give us a hug, or a kiss on the cheek between men without hesitation. It is making a fool of yourself without us caring what they will say. It is to have mountains, lakes, beaches, glaciers, jungle, waterfalls in the same soil. It is to have the southernmost city in the world. It is going out to dance from Monday to Monday until the sun comes up. It’s friendship. It’s the “If I could, you can also”. It is being solidary. It is to feel proud to belong to such a beautiful place.

Because when we are not in our country, we do not miss our politicians, we do not miss the pickets or bottlenecks, the insecurity, the Creole liveliness, the price of the dollar or the devaluation of the peso, the country risk, the payment of the external debt, We miss fighting to get to the end of the month with our salary or see how prices rise month by month.

We miss our land, our customs, our friends, our family, what we were, are and will be, we miss being Argentine.

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  • Matías, this is a powerful description that really helps us feel how special your country is! I loved the different sections with lists of so many small details related to one big idea, and how I knew some of the references but hadn’t heard of others. There were enough famous & familiar things that I felt like I understood, but enough new things that I’m curious to know more! I especially loved how you included the section about things you don’t miss at the end, because it acknowledges the problems in your country but highlights how much you still love it despite those problems (and helps us realize why some Argentines have left)!

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