Why Being An Only Child Is Obviously Better

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A lot of people think that having siblings around is fun, although, most of these people don’t have siblings. Since they don’t have siblings, they don’t understand the torture siblings put us through. Imagine this, you get home from school and you have hours worth of homework to do. You expect your siblings to be nice and quiet because you need to concentrate, well, keep dreaming. No matter how important something is, your siblings will do the best they can do to mess it up. For instance, they may go around the house playing loud music, or singing loudly. They might also turn the TV on and play it on full volume. Pretty much anything they can do to distract or aggravate you. Now, let’s say you are an only child, you get home with lots of homework and you need it to be calm. Even though it may be boring by yourself, at least you can concentrate. So don’t complain if you’re the only child. Just take it from me, being the only child is way better than having multiple siblings or one very annoying one. Clearly being an only child does have a lot of benefits.

Since it is only you and your parents, you don’t have to worry about a lot of stuff. Without siblings you don’t have to worry about getting them to practices or a school activity. You can also have more friends over at one time. This is because your house won’t be as crowded. People who have siblings know that if you have a friend over your siblings just have to have one over too. With siblings everything has to be like a perfect little town by being equal and fair to everyone. Annoying, right? As a matter of fact, when your sibling gets in trouble and they get grounded, it’s almost like you are grounded too. This is because, again, everything has to be equal. So, if your brother or sister can’t go somewhere, neither can you. As well as helping you with stuff, being the only child can help your parents.

Being an only child is very rewarding to yourself. It also helps your parents and other family members. Having children is very expensive. You have to buy food, water, squeaky toys, and you have to let them out so they can go to the bathro–, of wait, that’s a dog. Same thing, I guess. But yes, you have to buy food, water, clothes, phones, and pretty much everything on planet Earth. Having more than one child is also more complicating for family members than on child. This is because, if your son or daughter gets into a relationship, it could cause problems. Now you are like, ‘That wouldn’t cause problems,’ but believe it or not, it actually can. If someone in your family doesn’t like your son or daughter’s spouse, it can cause arguments. Besides, nobody likes when families argue. Overall having only one child is way better than two or more.

Having been the youngest and only girl in the family, I know that it is way better by yourself. Once my brothers leave, I’m like ‘Yes! No distractions, nobody getting on my nerves. Just peace and quiet.’ Sadly, the day is over, and the four Masters Of Aggravation come back. Yes, I do love my brothers, but sometimes I wish that a wizard or something could come and poof them away forever. Don’t get me wrong, there can be a lot of upsides for having siblings. Like, you’ll always have someone that knows more about than almost anyone else. Siblings can also help you with a lot of stuff, like getting a cereal box out of the cupboard that you can’t reach. Or, if they’re like my siblings, they will grab it and eat in front of you while laughing. Yeah, ha ha, funny right? But yes having siblings can be somewhat good. They can also drive you and your friends places, if they are older that is.

Although having siblings can be helpful at times, doesn’t mean you want them around. That’s why you should not have siblings. From my experience, you should trust me, being the only child is better. From having it help you to helping your family, siblings are a waste of time and effort. Unless you train them like a dog to behave. But, it isn’t up to me, we all have our own opinions. So, you decide, is it actually better having siblings or not?

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  • Really good argument I am the oldest of two girls. Siblings can be a pain sometimes. Sometimes I wish I was an only child too. Really good writing though GOOD JOB!!!!

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