Without freedom of thinking… [Another point of view] 2/2

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Continuation of Without freedom of thought… [Other point of view]


With the time, the actions of this judges were questioned, that accompanied to the military. I gave mi testimony in a big judgment against that judges and military who acted in Mendoza. The four judges were given life sentences, the same trial to the people who tortured and made many people disappear, in some cases, it has been possible to verify that they appropriated the children who were born in captivity and gave them to other families. “Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo”, mothers of disappeared, have discovered about 120 grandchildren, but many are missing, it is believed that 400 children disappeared. These grandmothers are an example of love.

In the prison I met a lot of women, with many of them I still keeping friendship, and there I met Guido, in August of 1978. Then we wrote to each other in the way we could and when I left I went to see him in June 1982. And in July, we got married in the “Penal de La Plata”.

With my classmates we were looking for ways to survive physically and morally doing gymnastics, writing stories for children, reading everything we could, talking about our families or the town where we lived.

Each prison had its rules. In Mendoza, we had no contact with people from abroad or letters with our families. But if we could embroider, weave, be outdoors from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. And we looked after all the children under 3 who were there with their mothers. On the other hand, in Devoto we could not do any manual activity, but we could receive visits with a series of conditions; and we were locked in cells of 4 with only two hours of recreation. For example, I received a family member every 45 days, for 5 days in a row, and that person had to bring extensive documentation to prove the link and also to certify three days before their place of residence.

And yes … all the days you received letters from my family … My father wandered every day through the judicial offices (from the same judge I saw in the trial and who was given a life sentence), my mother could only write to me (they threw her out of her work, she was a Linguistica teacher), my grandmother, my brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends … they always accompanied me.  I was able to resume my teaching job and I have retired doing what I like.


This person is from my family (Specifically my grandfather’s cousin), he never told me that he lived in the jail, when I learned about the dictatorship of Argentina, and know that the police send to the people to jail for having different thoughts, my mom tell me that he and her wife had meet in the jail, and I asked why, and she say me because of the dictatorship. We still meeting with him and her sons and wife, and when I go to that meetings, I learn a lot of things, they make a lot of debate. I ask him about when he was in the jail, and then make this post.

Here you can see the history of his husband [Without freedom of thought…]

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  • Wow, in this part of the story, I can really feel the pain of the separated families, Matías! It was also really interesting to hear about the different activities they could and could not do while imprisoned, and the extensive rules that made it so hard to keep in touch!

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