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In March of 1976, I had started my course in the third year of the “Carrera de Letras” (Career of Letters) in the “Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo”, (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the National University of Cuyo) in Mendoza. I integrated the list that won the elections of the Student Center, as press secretary. I militated in the “Juventud Universitaria Peronista” (Peronist University Youth). At the same time, I worked as a primary school teacher, and participated in union activity, as a delegate of the school. 

On March 24, the military give a coup, ignoring the elections. They disrupted democratic life and sowed terror to carry out their economic and political project.

At 0 o’clock on April 1, a group of soldiers and policemen went to look for me at my house (I was 20 years old). They took me to a Clandestine Detention Center for 22 days, I mean, nobody knew where I was. I was in a dungeon alone and I felt that other people were in the same situation in others dungeons. With time it was known that this place was in the city of Mendoza, next to the Government House. Every day, interrogations (about how I was meeting), tortures and the uncertainty of not knowing where they were taking me, nor who (because I was bandaged) and nor why. From there they took me to the prison of Mendoza, and in August, to the prison of Devoto, in the province of Buenos Aires.

In December of 1977, before a visit from the “Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos” (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights), they bring me together with other people to Mendoza again, because I had no court case. In March of 1979 (And so the years went by), I saw a secretary of a judge and declared everything that I had suffered in that time. Then I spent another year in Devoto, then the judge visits me and tells me that he is going to annul the case and another year passes and he annul the case, but they leave me an article, that was available to the “Poder Ejecutivo Nacional” [PEN] (National Executive Power). And so I end up being 5 years and 8 months in prison, and then 6 months at the disposal of the PEN, in my home, where I could move within a radius and I could not work in my old position as a teacher.


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This person is from my family (Specifically my grandfather’s cousin), he never told me that he lived in the jail, when I learned about the dictatorship of Argentina, and know that the police send to the people to jail for having different thoughts, my mom tell me that he and her wife had meet in the jail, and I asked why, and she say me because of the dictatorship. We still meeting with him and her sons and wife, and when I go to that meetings, I learn a lot of things, they make a lot of debate. I ask him about when he was in the jail, and then make this post.

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