You will never know what’s under my skin ch. 1 The Introduction

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by : Emma
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  • Hello, my name is Evan Michael Polich, and this is a story about my twin sister, Emma Nicole Polich. I never knew what was going on with my sister until one day on our birthday, November 24th, we had pie but that is not the point of this story. She normally hides in her side of her room, away from everyone else, mom doesn’t get why, and dad hates it because she hides in our room away from him when he is home. I’m the only person who she talks to most of the time, she barely talks to our cousin Cody and our Aunt Stacey. I always ask if she is okay but she says she is ‘fine’, i know she wouldn’t lie to me but still i think she is lying to me. She is on the phone with this person named Savannah,i heard she is from Maryland, but she isn’t part of the problem, she makes my sister happy. I want to know what is wrong. Even though she is worried about everyone, she stays away.


  • ????what this is kinda sad….

    • This is the starting of the story, there is still more coming.

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