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Previously, I read an elegant fabulous quote, but the wondrous thing that I couldn’t forget it. It was,”Everything happens in our lives because of something and to cause something, there’s no place for coincidence in this life” [Arabic book]. I couldn’t forget it, I read the book when I was 12 years old and I still remember the silk texture of that page of the book, I still remember the smell of the book pages it was like smelled like a perfume from 1950s made of a Jasmine blossom from the 20th century, I still remember how bleak the book cover was and I still remember how black the sky was and filled by gorgeous shine stars when I was reading that book.  I cannot forget the person who gave me the book. It  wasn’t like any book and it will not be, it was filled by depression and inspiration, sadness and happiness, hatred and love, filled by past and present.

All of us have that book which when we read it gives us power, faith, remind us by our goal in this life. The book that makes us ready to fight any battle, to break the barriers of fear, makes us ambition.

It’s the book of your life, yup, it’s your own book! You have been writing a book of success and failure from your own experiences. Consequently, keep this book, keep reading that book to remind yourself how great and success you are and be proud of it.

( Finally, there’s no book contain the quote that I’ve written and actually all of that was description about the book wasn’t real).


  • You did a great job with the sensory details. When I was reading the post I could remember the smell of a new book and how soft can be.

  • This was an inspiring analogy, Sajeda, and it was really creative that you waited until the end to reveal that it was an analogy! Your strong sensory details at the beginning really had me deep into the feeling of reading a favorite book, so I was shocked when you surprised us with the idea that the “book” is our life! I have always loved the idea that we are all writing our own stories (in fact, Shahel recently wrote a post about that, too!), but you took it in a different direction by reminding us to “read” our stories to remind ourselves of our successes. I don’t think many of us often take the time to be proud of ourselves or remember how far we’ve come, so I really love that reminder! :-)

    • I too, love the way you wrote about how life is a story we write for ourselves. So true! Every day, a new chapter filled with hope, success, failure, and the opportunity to learn and do it all over again tomorrow.

      You’re a great student, Sajeda. The brief time you were in G1 made our room so much brighter.

      Thank you for making Scioto a better place!

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