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ChM Apr 2015
Eating does not mean I am hungry 

All the time

Sometimes Eating means just

Sharing a minute with someone 

A minute where just the two of you sit next to eachother 

And enjoy the moment of being together

This imaganition lives in mind I guess.

And like I know that there is no perfection 

So there is no perfect breakfast

So there is no breakfast at all.

You start eating without the other.

You fill stressed by the fact that you have to eat.

Why is there no perfection?

Why seems everything difficult and upsets you?

There might be an explanation.

But also if someone will shout it in your ear.

You wont hear it.

Because you chose to be unhappy

…all by yourself.


Written by

ChM  Bucharest



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Nicole Apr 2015
I’m craving for food, 
maybe some eggs
or waffles.
Maybe a bacon on the side 
and a sausage.
A huge pancake 
with a lot of syrup,
strawberries and bananas on the top.
A piece of bread
with ham and cheese inside of it. 
A side of fruits of different kinds , 
or an apple pie. 
A big glass of juice, 
it could be orange or cranberry. 
The cup of coffee… Oh, I want a cup of coffee. 
I want something that makes me feel better 
in this cold and hungry morning. 

Why not everything mixed?
Why not make a big breakfast buffet?

Scrambled eggs,                                                     All credits go to HELLO POETRY.COM
waffles with bacon,
the sweet syrup,
some delicious strawberries 
and bananas as a topping,
a mini sandwich, 
fruits with chocolate 
and another dessert. 
The glass of juice for the end, 
the lovely cup of coffee to begin. 

I want to do a breakfast party, I’m starving.

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  • you got some bars on this poem next up coming rapper

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