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One of the most laborious things in the life is finding friends who perceive you ____ Guess what! Now you’re in new country, different language, different customs and traditions. All of these circumstances make it more difficult to have friends in my life, but guess what! Uhooo the miracle occurred I found a friend! He was like a sudden grace came to my life. Although, we’ve never talk “face-to-face”, Ooh that’s peculiar… but also distinctive, right?

Initially, he was my brother’s friend and my brother was always talking about the entertaining Pakistani guy, therefore I was desiring to meet him, but he went to Pakistan for month or less in the mid of the school year. The slowly killer for a curious person like me is waiting. Finally the month passed and he returned to USA, my brother was longing to see him and I was agog to meet him. I saw him in school but, I didn’t talk to him, the only thing I could do is smiling, because usually I don’t talk to people until they start talking to me. Meanwhile, we discovered that he’s working near to our home in a Pakistan restaurant, therefore we decided to invite him to our home….

“Hey boy, will you came today?” my brother asked. “No bro, I have to tell my family first.” he responded.

Well, that shocked me, usually when anyone ask my brother to go, my brother just go without even telling my parents and I think most of the boys do that. Furthermore, I cannot forget the responsibility that his voice tune held. Next day he came with us to our home, actually with my brother “not us” because until that day the smiling is the only language that was spoken between us. When we arrived, I entered the my room but, they halted in the street, so my mother sent me to make sure they’re all right.  Here was the second shock to me, he was ashamed of entering our home. I’ve never ever meet “shy boy” like him.

After so many attempts he entered, then he sat like an innocent child and didn’t say any single word. I felt guilty and I thought he is ashamed of me, so I went to my room. My mom offered them some foods, which I think was the worst food he has ever tasted. He just didn’t like it, I don’t know why. 

While they were in the dining room he sent me a message asking me to go sit with them and apologizing if he bothered me. I sat with them. That was the craziest day I spent it with friend in USA! 

After that day we became the most crazy, honest and loyal friends….

Unfortunately, he moved to new school. I was wistful and delighted because he’s going to better school. We kept on touch and he told us that he would came with his family, but for no reason we didn’t talk to each other for almost a month.

His cousin told me that he’s in the hospital and no one could visit him except for his mother…………… I didn’t sleep that night, it was the worst, unbearable night in whole of my life….. I was praying for him everyday. I’ve never forget his innocent face, his words. I read our chats every single day, I wish I could give him my heart so he with his family and friends! 05/22/2015, 12:10 p, it was Monday and I was on the school hall way when I saw my brother and his cousin crying! who could believe an 18 years old guy died!

I’m crying until this moment, and I feel he’s around, his laughter spin in my head, his pictures, his shirt, the crazy song that he sent to me and I listen to it everyday, the places that he has been in……………… Don’t you think all these small details make him alive?!

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  • Oh, Sajeda, I’m so sorry you lost him too soon. It’s such a rare treat to find a friend, and he sounds really special. I loved when you said that he was “like a sudden grace”, and I really enjoyed how the details you included (like him checking with his family before visiting and being too shy to come in!) showed that he was not a typical person. Your ending, with your memories of him, was really powerful.

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