My mom

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by : Maha

My moms food

glues the family together.

It tastes delicious

It smells like I know

Where I am

Where my family is

Where home is



My moms smile

makes me happy.

It looks radiant

It shines like I know

Where I am

Where my family is

Where home is



My moms my safe place

She protects me overall

My body, my heart, my feelings, my mind

So that I always know

Where I am

Where my family is

Where home is


  • I like your poem especially that you said glue the family together. Good work!!

    • Thank you!

  • Aww!!! I love your poem.Great job

    • Thank you!

  • Wow Maha! Great job girl! I love your poem because contain strong feelings. Your mom looks really nice so sometimes I’ll come over to eat some good food. Keep it up!

    • Haha thank you so much!! You should come over sometimes.

  • I think is really nice how you wanted to write about your mom. I loved how you repeated the last 4 lines of every stanza, it made your poem stronger and with more emotion. I think you did a great job describing the things that you love about your mom in your poem.

  • My favorite part was when you said that your mom’s food glues the family together, and that really made me want to keep reading! I also think the repetition in each stanza makes your feelings so strong!

  • I did not not you could write such nice poetry. You have a talent for it. Thank you for sharing … made me think about my mom.

  • Thank you!

  • Ya galbi, I love you more!! <3

  • Thank you so much!

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