The end of “Slice Of Life”.

March "Slice of Life" Challenge!

        “And done.” I claimed as I hit the publish button. I clicked at the home button to count the number of my posts, “Just 10,” I blurted out “God, I’m a bad writer,” I thought to myself. I had 31 days to write more than 10 posts. Well at least I reached the minimum number of post which is 10. “I guess I’m not a bad writer after all,” I said. So after publishing this, the number of posts will increase to 11 post instead of 10. Which is better than nothing, I guess.

        Without further ado, I’m going to tell you guys about what happened to me during this challenge. First, it was very hard to come up with ideas to write about, because whenever I want to write about something, it turns out that there is someone else, who wrote about this thing in particular, and I want my ideas to be unique. I don’t want people to think that I stole ideas from other people. Second, I learned more information about my fellow classmates, that I never knew about, but now I’m glad that I do. Last, this challenge helped me with my writing skills, and made me feel like I’m a writer. How it made me feel like a writer, you wonder? For example, at night, I had a notebook near my bed, whenever something pops in my head, I wake up and write it down. Moreover, I had my laptop next to me and fully charged at all times, so whenever I was in the mood of writing I would open my laptop, and begin to write.

        Well as you can tell this is my last post in the SOL challenge. I’m feeling both sad and happy at the same time, because it means that I don’t have to write anymore. So thinking about it, I might participate in this challenge next year. Because why not?