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Part I: What do you hope people remember about you:

     as a writer?

Well, I hope that they remember me like a writer proud, and a writer that cares a lot of the history of his country, specially those one that marked the country forever, and if they want to remember other thing more, they are welcome.

     as a person?

Well, as a person, maybe they remember me like a quiet person, but I’m not like that, just because I didn’t speak a lot, I hope that they will remember me like a good person, just that, but they can remember whatever they want.

Part II: List EACH piece you chose for your anthology and reflect:

1. Why did you choose it?

Well, I choose the post “What does it mean to be Argentine?” because I want that any person that read that book can know about my country, and why I love it, and why I’m proud to be an Argentine. I choose “It looks like, I’m the leader” because I wanna show to the people that I can reflect of my problems.

2. What good writing strategies does it show?

Well, in “What does it mean to be Argentine?” Almost in all the paragraphs I repeat “Being Argentine is” using repetition and strong feelings. In the post “It looks like, I’m the leader” I use strong feelings about what I feel during that time.

Part III:

How have you changed as a writer? (What kind of a writer were you at the beginning of the year? Look back at your writing from the fall and compare it to how you write now.)

Explain your feelings about writing, how often you write, etc.

I started to write 5 months ago, and when I start, it was I write one sentence to something, one sentence to another, I just wanna to make everything fast, and for that reason I wrote so little about something, as time passed I started to write more about things. At the moment of write, I feel almost the freedom to write about anything I want without restrictions.

What activities & assignments really helped you develop as a writer? Why?

It really helped me the March “Slice of Life” Challenge, because in every post I need to use new writing strategies, looking for which use and then use it again to make it better than before. And read others posts from other people, to see how the use the writing strategies and base me in that.

What are your writing goals for the summer & next school year?

I have some books in my house of my country, and during this summer I’m going to read all of them, but at the same time try to concentrate in my other school. For the next year I don’t know, it depends, I didn’t finish the school yet, is just end one and get in to another school.

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  • I’ve really enjoyed seeing you grow as a writer, Matías, and I am so excited that you feel “the freedom to write… without restrictions”! It’s so weird to think that you used to not write very much, because you have written such thoughtful, well-developed posts that were some of the longest out of everyone in our class! You really became a writer during the March Challenge, and I’m so happy that you enjoyed trying new strategies and learning from other people’s posts during that time!

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