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Part 1: Analyze the 3 most important changes in your reading strategies:

I used to (always / sometimes / never) _____________. Now I (always / sometimes / never) do that.  (Explain why this is important.)

When I start to read, always I used to just read in class, especially I didn’t care about the reading during that time and the book that I was reading it was bored, I didn’t understand anything about the history, but now, if any time I can read, I will do it, especially if the book is so interesting, I wanna keep reading to see what happen in this history, and not fall into a hole of intrigue. Always I used to don’t make any prediction in the book, I have doing this until the previous book that I read, I did that because (the same reason like the previous sentence) I didn’t care about the history, I was like, in some part of the book they are going to reveal what happen, but now, I can take a little of my time to make a prediction, and when the moments happen, see if I was correct or close to my prediction, but there still sometimes that the book surprise me. I used to never search the words that I didn’t understand in the book, I just keep reading without looking the words, but now, I always search the words that I don’t understand, and there is sometimes that I can understand the word using the context of the sentence.

Part 2: What did you notice about yourself as a reader? Explain:

 – Amount of reading.

At the beginning the year, I didn’t read a lot in my days, I read just the fifteen minutes of class, and then wait until the next day, because (the same reason that all of this reflection) I didn’t care about the history, and I don’t know if the fact of don’t understand words make a plus in that reason. Well, now is different, I really want to keep reading in my house, but it’s make difficult having the home works of my other school, taking all of my time to do something.

– Difficulty of books.

During my first book, it was so difficult to read, just for the fact that I didn’t understand all the words, and it started to make it bored not understand any word of the read, if it was like, if you don’t keep reading, you disappear, even I know that I can change the book, but I didn’t. Now it’s much easier to read books, but I still thinking that there is some books more harder than these ones that I reading.

– Genres, topics, themes.

I don’t have like favorites genres to read, but I like to read this books that his story is located between the medieval age and the modern age.

– How do you choose books?

At the moment of choosing a book, it’s simple, just read the summary in the back, that it’s, I don’t have like a specific genre to read.

– How have you changed as a reader this year?

Yes I do, especially because the previous years I never read books in class or in my house, like, I just read one day at three months, but now, how I say before, if I have time to read, I will do it. And I have more strategies to read, I can make predictions, read without put my focus in other thing.

– Goals for your reading in the future.

Well, I don’t have a specific goal, just it will keep reading books during the summer and all of this years, reading in English and Spanish.

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  • Matías, I’m so proud and excited that you’ve gone from someone who didn’t care much about reading to someone who wants to read at home and enjoys thinking carefully about what you read! I especially love that you changed your mind about making predictions and looking up new words, because those are both so important for thinking more deeply about your reading! You did an excellent job using specific examples to demonstrate how much you’ve grown. I hope you’ll be a lifelong reader! :-)

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