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I used to never look at the back cover Now I always do that.  Back cover is important before reading a book, at least you brief know what’s going to happen in the story.

I used to never make prediction Now I sometimes do that. Before you read to the chapter on what happened in the book, make prediction to see that is prediction are right or not, is fun to do this way.

I used to sometimes make pictures. Now I always do that.  I realize that make picture is so important to reading, I need to get picture in my mind so know what’s happening in actual life. 

This year I changed a lot, I used to not read many books, but this year I read more book than my whole life did and I read average 15 minutes per day sometime 20 minutes I never done that before this year.  The difficult of book are the vocab, sometime the author write in idiom and I didn’t even realize that’s idiom after either I ask someone or search on internet. I really like the nonfiction genres that have a lot actions, I like actions movies like aliens tries to take over world and zombie survival stuff. I want to read some thing like what in movie does, something that is intense actions. The goal in future is to keep up my skills on reading, the skill to understanding the story, I used to just read at the word instead pay any attention to it, now days, I actually tries to understand what’s happening in the story and I don’t want to lose that.



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  • I’m surprised that you didn’t read very much before this year, Hengming, because you have worked incredibly hard to meet your goals each week, and you’ve read a great variety of books! I’m really excited that you’ve gone from just reading the words to making mental pictures and predictions, because that shows me how much you’ve increased your engagement! I’m so proud of you, and I hope you will continue your new reading habit throughout your life!

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