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We are human beings we can not plunder a soul for anything and we can not make things a live after death. That’s what we learned and this is the truth!

My teacher (my mother) said unforgettable something, she said “write it to give it a live, write it so it will be alive forever”. When she said that I was too little to understand it. I started writing a journal since I was in the second grade and the first story of my journal was about a how repugnant the reading and the writing is. I didn’t know that writing a journal will be the secret door to captivating world. I wrote my journal in my language, but when I moved to different countries I stopped writing until I met the person who inspire me to write in different language, Mrs.Mitchell. I’m very fortunate to meet her and to be her student. she encouraged me to write regardless every obstacle I have; she helped me, she gave me courage, strength and love to continue and to be my best self! She taught all of us how to be confident enough to write and to express ourselves. I’m so grateful to have her this year, because she raised me as my mother did.

I started writing a journal in English and I could see how much I improved my writing through the year. I was like a small seed and because of my raiser I am growing up to be a thuja. Now I believe that everything start very small and weak as my first post on Write About and eventually it will enhance to be exceptional. All you need is patient and remember that “Great things take time to be great”. 

Now I want to tell my mother that I’m writing everything to bring them alive and to remind myself how much I grow. In addition, I want to tell Mrs.M that I appreciate her work all over the year to make us better writers and readers!

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  • Aw, Sajeda, I’m so happy that you have rediscovered the power of writing! I was so surprised when you said that you didn’t like writing at first, as well as when you said you’d stopped for a while, because you write with such a strong, unique, emotional voice! I have really enjoyed reading your powerful posts this year, and I hope you continue to use your writing to speak up about important issues in the world, reflect on life, and encourage others!

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